Dr Bin Liu


Management Science

Personal statement

I am a lecturer in the Department of Management Science. Before that I was working as a Postdoctoral Fellow in University of Waterloo, Canada. I received the B.S. degree in automation from Zhejiang University, China, and the Ph.D. degree in industrial engineering from City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. My research interests include risk analysis, reliability and maintenance modeling, decision making under uncertainty, and data analysis.


A complimentary extended warranty : profit analysis and pricing strategy
Liu Bin, Shen Lijuan, Xu Jianyu, Zhao Xiujie
International Journal of Production Economics Vol 229 (2020)
Life cycle cost analysis considering multiple dependent degradation processes and environmental influence
Liu Bin, Zhao Xiujie, Liu Guoquan, Liu Yiqi
Reliability Engineering and System Safety Vol 197 (2020)
Design and pricing of extended warranty menus based on the multinomial logit choice model
Wang Xiaolin, Zhao Xiujie, Liu Bin
European Journal of Operational Research Vol 287, pp. 237-250 (2020)
Condition-based maintenance policy for systems with a non-homogeneous degradation process
Peng Jia, Liu Bin, Liu Yiqi, Xu Xiang
IEEE Access Vol 8, pp. 81800-81811 (2020)
Integrated design of monitoring, analysis and maintenance for filamentous sludge bulking in wastewater treatment
Liu Yiqi, Yuan Lingling, Huang Shuo, Huang Daoping, Liu Bin
Measurement Vol 155 (2020)
Anomaly detection for large span bridges during operational phase using structural health monitoring data
Xu Xiang, Ren Yuan, Huang Qiao, Fan Zi-Yuan, Tong Zhao-Jie, Chang Wei-Jie, Liu Bin
Smart Materials and Structures Vol 29 (2020)

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