Dr Bin Liu


Management Science

Personal statement

I am a lecturer in the Department of Management Science. Before that I was working as a Postdoctoral Fellow in University of Waterloo, Canada. I received the B.S. degree in automation from Zhejiang University, China, and the Ph.D. degree in industrial engineering from City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. My research interests include risk analysis, reliability and maintenance modeling, decision making under uncertainty, and data analysis.


Adaptive ranking based ensemble learning of Gaussian process regression models for quality-related variable prediction in process industries
Liu Yiqi, Huang Daoping, Liu Bin, Feng Qiang, Cai Baoping
Applied Soft Computing Vol 101 (2021)
A performance-based warranty for products subject to competing hard and soft failures
Wang Xiaolin, Liu Bin, Zhao Xiujie
International Journal of Production Economics Vol 233 (2021)
A finite-horizon condition-based maintenance policy for a two-unit system with dependent degradation processes
Liu Bin, Pandey Mahesh D, Wang Xiaolin, Zhao Xiujie
European Journal of Operational Research (2021)
Bayesian adversarial multi-node bandit for optimal smart grid protection against cyber attacks
Xu Jianyu, Liu Bin, Mo Huadong, Dong Daoyi
Automatica Vol 128 (2021)
Robustness of maintenance support service networks : attributes, evaluation and improvement
Fan Dongming, Lin Jing, Cai Baoping, Liu Bin
Reliability Engineering and System Safety Vol 210 (2021)
Maintenance optimisation for systems with multi-dimensional degradation and imperfect inspections
Liu Bin, Zhao Xiujie, Liu Yiqi, Do Phuc
International Journal of Production Research (2020)

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