Professor Steve Lo

Research Professor

Faculty of Engineering


Optimisation of a smart energy hub with integration of combined heat and power, demand side response and energy storage
Qi Haijie, Yue Hong, Zhang Jiangfeng, Lo Kwok L
Energy Vol 234, pp. 1-14 (2021)
Optimal day-ahead scheduling for active distribution network based on improved information gap decision theory
Ge Xiaolin, Zhu Xiaohe, Ju Xing, Fu Yang, Lo Kwok Lun, Mi Yang
IET Renewable Power Generation Vol 15, pp. 952-963 (2021)
Non-intrusive monitoring algorithm for resident loads with similar electrical characteristic
Wu Sheng, Lo Kwok L
Processes Vol 8 (2020)
Kinetic battery model application for capacity optimization of the wind/solar/battery stand-alone hybrid system
Shao Zhonglei, Lo Kwok
Emerging Developments in the Power and Energy Industry , pp. 343-348 (2019)
Mitigation of sub-synchronous control interaction of a power system with DFIG-based wind farm under multi-operating points
Bian Xiaoyan, Ding Yang, Jia Qingyu, Shi Lei, Zhang Xiao-Ping, Lo Kwok L
IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution Vol 12, pp. 5834-5842 (2018)
Thermal effect of wind generation on conventional generator in a microgrid
Hashim Azmi, Lo Kwok L
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Vol 10, pp. 890-896 (2018)

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