Professor Jim Love

Emeritus Professor



Scottish higher education : a continuing debate
Love James
Fraser of Allander Economic Commentary Vol 36, pp. 66-71 (2012)
Whither Scottish Higher Education? [Special Edition: Higher Education]
Love Jim
Fraser of Allander Economic Commentary Vol Special Edition, pp. 1-8 (2011)
The relationship between the black market and official exchange rates: an examination of long-run dynamics in India
Chandra R, Love J
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Testing export-led growth in Bangladesh in a multivariate VAR framework
Chandra Ramesh, Love Jim
Journal of Asian Economics Vol 15, pp. 1155-1168 (2005)
Testing export-led growth in South Asia
Chandra R, Love J
Journal of Economic Studies Vol 32, pp. 132-145 (2005)
Testing export-led growth in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka using a multivariate framework
Chandra R, Love J
The Manchester school of economic and social studies Vol 72, pp. 484-496 (2004)

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