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Work, Employment and Organisation

Personal statement

I am a lecturer in the Department of Work, Employment and Organisation at Strathclyde Business School. My research interests lie in graduate transitions to employment, skill utilisation and job upgrading, and mixed methods research approaches. I teach across a range of areas related to my interests in Human Resource Management, organisational behaviour and research methods.

My background is in economics, area studies and employment research. Prior to taking up my current role, I was a Research Fellow at the Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick, and an Early Career Fellow of the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study. Between 2016 and 2018 I was on part-time secondment as a Research Associate to Wales Public Services 2025 hosted by Cardiff Business School.


Has expertise in:

    • Graduate transitions to employment
    • The ‘graduate labour market’, including the SME context
    • Skill development and skill utilisation
    • Mixed methods research approaches


PhD, University of Warwick, Institute for Employment Research, ESRC CASE Studentship, Employment Research

MPhil (Distinction), University of Oxford, St Anne’s College, CEELBAS Studentship, Russian and East European Studies

BA (Honours), University of Oxford, St Anne’s College, Economics and Management

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

ONS Accredited Researcher

Member of the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE)


'Virtuous' and 'vicious' circles? Adults' participation in different types of training in the UK and its association with wages
Luchinskaya Daria, Dickinson Peter
Social Inclusion Vol 7, pp. 177-201 (2019)
And...action? Gender, knowledge and inequalities in the UK screen industries
Eikhof Doris Ruth, Newsinger Jack, Luchinskaya Daria, Aidley Daniela
Gender, Work and Organisation Vol 26, pp. 840-859 (2019)
The Adult Skills Gap : Is Falling Investment in UK Adults Stalling Social Mobility?
Luchinskaya Daria, Dickinson Peter
Skills Utilisation : Definition, Theories, Approaches and Measures
Warhurst Christopher, Luchinskaya Daria
Breaking the cycle : what works in reducing intergenerational worklessness and fragile employment
Luchinskaya Daria, Green Anne E
How do internships undertaken during higher education affect graduates' labour market outcomes in Italy and the United Kingdom?
Tzanakou Charikleia, Cattani Luca, Luchinskaya Daria, Pedrini Giulio
Internships, Employability and the Search for Decent Work Experience (2021) (2021)

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At WEO I teach on a range of courses, including Human Resource Management, organisational behaviour and research methods, specialising in skill development and utilisation, transitions to employment, graduate employment, labour markets, research methodology and statistical analysis.

Previously, I have taught introductory mathematical methods and quantitative economics at St Anne’s College, University of Oxford, public policy economics, inequality and labour markets, and research methods for the Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford, and have supervised undergraduate students’ dissertations from the department of Economics, University of Warwick.

Research interests

My main research interests are in graduate transitions to employment, skill utilisation and job upgrading, and mixed methods research approaches. I am especially interested in the inequalities in graduate transitions to employment, and in the role of skill development and skill utilisation in relation to graduate employment. My doctoral research was on graduates’ skill utilisation in small and large firms in the UK, and provides both a foundation and a departure point for my current work.

At present, I am working on a comparative research project on the role of work placements in graduate transitions to employment in the UK and Italy, taking into account national education and labour market contexts. My colleagues and I are exploring similarities and differences in the pathways to employment, who benefits and who is marginalised, and furthering the development of an international research network around this area (I am currently coordinating a small but growing unfunded international network on transitions to employment: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/GRADUATE-TRANSITIONS).

Previously, I worked on a variety of projects related to employment and the labour market while at the Warwick Institute for Employment Research, including adults’ participation in training, wider benefits of higher education and diversity in the British screen industries. During my time at Wales Public Services 2025, I worked on public service financing, focusing on healthcare spend in Wales.

Professional activities

SRHE Employability, Enterprise and Work-based Learning Network: How do different HE institutions address graduate employability?
From Education to Employment: How Internships and Traineeships are Challenging Labour Regulation
Unequal opportunities: The role of internships in graduates’ labour market transitions
Educational Choices in Further and Higher Education
SRHE Employability, Enterprise and Work-based Learning Network: “Digital platforms, digital labour, and the future of employability”
EAWOP/ESRC Small Group Meeting on Young People's Work, Employment and Careers

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Post education job and career choices.
Luchinskaya, Daria (Researcher) Baldauf, Beate (Principal Investigator) Hunt, Wil (Researcher) Brown, Alan (Researcher)
With Peter Dickinson, Beate Baldauf, Wil Hunt and Alan Brown. Funded by Department for Education. Project Start Date: 16/04/2018 - Project End Date: 31/07/2018
16-Jan-2018 - 31-Jan-2018
Adult skills - who gets invested in and how has this changed over time?
Luchinskaya, Daria (Principal Investigator) Dickinson, Peter (Co-investigator)
With Peter Dickinson. Funded by Social Mobility Commission. Project Start Date: 29/09/2017 - Project End Date: 03/07/2018
29-Jan-2017 - 03-Jan-2018
Diversity in the screen industries
Eikhof, Doris Ruth (Principal Investigator) Newsinger, Jack (Researcher) Aidley, Daniela (Researcher) Luchinskaya, Daria (Researcher) Banks, Mark (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2016 - 31-Jan-2016
Assessing Policy Initiatives to Address Intergenerational Worklessness / Fragile Employment
Luchinskaya, Daria (Researcher) Green, Anne (Principal Investigator)
Assessing Policy Initiatives to Address Intergenerational Worklessness / Fragile Employment’ (Dec. 2015-Feb. 2016). IER, University of Warwick. Literature review project for the Public Policy Institute for Wales.
01-Jan-2015 - 29-Jan-2016
A critical comparative analysis of graduates’ transitions to employment in the UK and Italy
Tzanakou, Charoula (Principal Investigator) Luchinskaya, Daria (Co-investigator) Pedrini, Giulio (Co-investigator) Cattani, Luca (Co-investigator)
This project looks at graduate transitions and work placements from an inclusive perspective in alignment with the focus of the Oxford Brookes Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice. We are focusing on understanding how work placements reproduce and how they can disrupt inequalities due to gender and social class, using a mixed-methods research approach.
Graduate transitions to employment in the UK and Italy
Tzanakou, Charoula (Co-investigator) Luchinskaya, Daria (Co-investigator) Pedrini, Giulio (Co-investigator) Cattani, Luca (Co-investigator)
This ongoing interdisciplinary mixed-methods project looks at the role of work placements undertaken during study in graduate transitions to employment from inclusive and interdisciplinary perspectives, using the UK and Italy as examples. We explore two broad questions: (1) how participation in and outcomes of different kinds of work placements taking place during higher education differ by characteristics such as gender and fields of study, and (2) how students experience their placements.

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