Miss Margaret Macdonald


Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences


Cobalt administration causes reduced contractility with parallel increases in TRPC6 and TRPM7 transporter protein expression in adult rat hearts
Laovitthayanggoon Sarunya, Henderson Catherine J, McCluskey Claire, Macdonald Margaret, Tate Rothwelle J, Grant M Helen, Currie Susan
Cardiovascular Toxicology (2018)
Anti-cancer tyrosine kinase inhibitors increase oxidative stress in primary cardiac fibroblasts
McMullen CJ, McCluskey C, Kim SJ, Laovitthayanggoon S, MacDonald M, Safar M, Wood R, Cunningham MR, Currie S
Heart Vol 104 (2018)
In vivo and in vitro toxicity of cobalt in the heart
Laovitthayanggoon Sarunya, Henderson Catherine J, Tate Rothwelle J, Currie Susan, McCluskey Claire, Macdonald Margaret, Grant M Helen
British Toxicology Society Congress 2017 (2017)
Ageing of the vascular endothelium : a novel role for CaMKII╬┤
McCluskey Claire, Macdonald Margaret, Currie Susan
Heart Vol 103, pp. A2 (2017)
Surgical optimization and characterization of a minimally invasive aortic banding procedure to induce cardiac hypertrophy in mice
Martin Tamara P, Robinson Emma, Harvey Adam P, Macdonald Margaret, Grieve David J, Paul Andrew, Currie Susan
Experimental Physiology Vol 97, pp. 822-832 (2012)

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