Dr Vitor Magueijo

Teaching Fellow

Chemical and Process Engineering

Personal statement

I am a chemical engineer with PhD and postdoctoral research experience in membrane technology and materials science (Low Carbon Technology and Nanostructured Materials). I am originally from Portugal and I've been working in Scotland since 2008, first at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and now at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

My research background is quite eclectic and encompasses subjects such as synthesis, characterization and application of membranes, green composites, energy efficiency, rheology, computational fluid dynamics and mass transfer modelling.


  • 2016 - PG Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education / Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), University of Strathclyde
  • 2008 – PhD in Chemical Engineering (Instituto Superior Tecnico - Technical University of Lisbon) / Thesis: Fluid dynamics and mass transfer in protein ultrafiltration (Supervisor: M. N. de Pinho)
  • 2000 – Graduation in Chemical Engineering (Instituto Superior Tecnico - Technical University of Lisbon)


Polysulfone mixed matrix gas separation hollow fibre membranes filled with polymer and carbon xerogels
Magueijo Vitor, Anderson Lynsey, Fletcher Ashleigh, Shilton Simon James
Chemical Engineering Science Vol 92, pp. 13-20 (2013)
PVC hollow fibre membrane development with a focus on ozone based applications
Shilton Simon, Jones Colin Alexander, Magueijo Vitor, Gordeyev Sergey
Euromembrane 2012 (2012)
Mixed matrix polysulfone hollow fibres filled with polymer and carbon xerogels for gas separation
Shilton Simon, Magueijo Vitor, Anderson Lynsey, Fletcher Ashleigh
Euromembrane 2012 (2012)
Optimization of "Serpa" cheese whey nanofiltration for effluent minimization and by-products recovery
Minhalma Miguel, Magueijo Vítor, Queiroz Denise P, de Pinho Maria Norberta
Journal of Environmental Management Vol 82, pp. 200-206 (2007)
Integrated modelling of lysozyme ultrafiltration
Magueijo Vítor, Semiao Viriato, de Pinho Maria Norberta
Journal of Membrane Science Vol 286, pp. 133-143 (2006)
Cross diffusion effects in lysozyme/sodium chloride/water ultrafiltration
Magueijo Vítor, Semião Viriato, de Pinho Maria Norberta
Desalination Vol 199, pp. 445-447 (2006)

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Research interests

I am particularly interested in the following research topics:

  • mixed matrix hollow fibre membranes for carbon capture
  • composite biomaterials with enhanced biocompatibility and mechanical strength
  • rheology and fluid flow of suspensions and polymer solutions


VWS Westgarth Ltd Tensile Testing
Magueijo, Vitor (Principal Investigator) Costa, Alexandra (Researcher)
27-Jan-2018 - 06-Jan-2018
Danish Collaboration
Shilton, Simon (Principal Investigator) Magueijo, Vitor (Co-investigator)
ASSEMBLY: Reverse engineering the cell wall for high-­performance bio-­composites
01-Jan-2016 - 01-Jan-2020

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Chemical and Process Engineering
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