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Personal statement

Personal Statement

I joined the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship in early 2014, firstly as a Research Associate and then as a Lecturer. In 2018, I was appointed as the departmental Director of Undergraduate Teaching. I primarily teach 'new venture creation' and other topics related to entrepreneurial growth strategies. I have coordinated teaching provision at undergraduate, postgraduate, and MBA levels, as well as in conjunction with a range of external partners.

My research interests encompass high-growth entrepreneurship, enterprise policy, and digital entrepreneurship (specifically digital platforms, the collaborative economy, and blockchain-enabled business models). My research work has been published in leading outlets such as "Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice" and "Journal of Business Venturing".


Has expertise in:

    • New Business Startup
    • Innovation Management
    • Real-time Qualitative Data Collection


The intersection of entrepreneurship and selling : an interdisciplinary review, framework, and future research agenda
Matthews Russell S, Chalmers Dominic M, Fraser Simon S
Journal of Business Venturing Vol 33, pp. 691-719 (2018)
Institutionalizing women's enterprise policy : a legitimacy- based perspective
Arshed Norin, Chalmers Dominic, Matthews Russell
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (2018)
Renew or regress : maintaining a forum for radical entrepreneurship scholarship
Casulli Lucrezia, Chalmers Dominic, Drakopoulou Dodd Sarah, Matthews Russell, Stoyanov Stoyan
International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research Vol 23, pp. 1-6 (2017)
Entrepreneurial selling practices : a systematic review and reconceptualisation of the literature
Matthews Russell, Chalmers Dominic Michael, Fraser Simon
Academy of Management, pp. 1-41 (2016)
Tracking the Performance of High Growth Entrepreneurs
MacKenzie Niall, Chalmers Dominic, Matthews Russell
Innovating Works... Improving Work & Workplaces : Workplace Innovation in Small to Medium Sized Enterprises in Scotland
Findlay Patricia, Chalmers Dominic, Lindsay Colin, MacBryde Jillian, Matthews Russell, Pascoe-Deslauriers Rachelle, Wilson James Russell

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Creativity and Innovation Management

New Venture Planning

Entrepreneurial Sales


Evaluation of Santander Breakthrough SME Support Programme
MacKenzie, Niall (Principal Investigator) Matthews, Russell (Co-investigator)
03-Jan-2015 - 03-Jan-2015
Evaluation of Santander Breakthrough SME Support Programme
MacKenzie, Niall (Academic) Matthews, Russell (Academic)
01-Jan-2014 - 17-Jan-2014
Workplace Innovation Consortium (ERDF Project)
Findlay, Patricia (Principal Investigator) MacBryde, Jillian (Co-investigator) Lindsay, Colin (Co-investigator) Chalmers, Dominic (Academic) Pascoe-Deslauriers, Rachelle (Researcher) Matthews, Russell (Researcher) Wilson, James (Post Grad Student)
This project will provide an industry facing Workplace Innovation Coalition (WIC) to support organisational change and innovation in SMEs in Scotland. The WIC unites multi-disciplinary academic expertise with industry leaders to identify workplace challenges, evaluate alternative solutions and provide expert support to deliver outcomes that align the needs of all workplace stakeholders. It will apply best practice from research on employee-led innovation, workplace development, operations management and enterprising behaviour to establish their effectiveness in improving productivity and the quality of working life, focussing on how business innovation can improve workplace performance and promote greater equality, sustainability and social inclusion.
24-Jan-2014 - 24-Jan-2015
Strathclyde - ESRC/SE Government Collaborative Transition DTG | Matthews, Russell
Carter, Sara (Principal Investigator) Matthews, Russell (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2008 - 05-Jan-2015

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