Dr Neil McGarvey

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The role of the councillor
McGarvey Neil, Stewart Fraser
The Routledge Handbook of International Local Government (2018) (2018)
The SNP and local government
McGarvey Neil
A Nation Changed? The SNP and Scotland Ten Years On (2017) (2017)
European, not British? Scottish nationalism and the EU referendum
McGarvey Neil, Stewart Fraser
The Future of the UK (2016) (2016)
Immigrants, Identity and Independence in Scotland
McGarvey Neil, Mulvey Gareth
Pro-independence Movements and Immigration (2016) (2016)
The coalition beyond Westminster
McGarvey Neil
The Coalition Effect (2015) (2015)
The Smith Commission, top-down politics and local government
McGarvey Neil
Beyond Smith (2014) (2014)

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International Visiting Lecturer
Invited speaker
Rountable on Local Taxation Reform
Scottish Parliament Research Group Conference
External Examiner for the Politics BA
External Examiner
Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (EPOP) annual meeting
University of Aberdeen Politics External Examiner
External Examiner

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Local Government Boundary Commission Scotland
McGarvey, Neil (Principal Investigator)
An analysis of the impact of deprivation, population, population sparsity and other factors on the workload of councillors.
01-Jan-2014 - 30-Jan-2016
Councillor Workload Study for Scottish Local Government Boundary Commission
McGarvey, Neil (Principal Investigator)
The project examines the changing role of Scotland's councillors and will feed directly into the Scottish Local Government Boundary Commission's on-going review. It reviews whether factors such as population sparsity, multiple deprivation, size of council and how they impact on workload for councillors. It incolves an online census of al of Scotland's councillors and 30+ interviews
01-Jan-2014 - 31-Jan-2017
People, as well as politicians: An oral history of the first Members of the Scottish Parliament, 1999-2003
Walker, David (Principal Investigator) McIvor, Arthur (Principal Investigator) Mitchell, James (Principal Investigator) McGarvey, Neil (Principal Investigator)
A collaborative pilot oral history project (Scottish Oral History Centre and Department of Government & Public Policy) that seeks to explore the motivations, expectations and realizations of the first group of MSPs who worked in the Scottish Parliament between 1999 and 2003. This project received funding from the Research Development Fund as pump priming for an application to the AHRC.
15-Jan-2012 - 15-Jan-2013
Sime, Daniela (Principal Investigator) Connelly, Graham (Co-investigator) Fee, Jacqueline (Co-investigator) McGarvey, Neil (Co-investigator)
"The main aim of this programme was to promote a range of knowledge exchange activities focussed on tackling child poverty through a multi-agency approach and to improve the effectiveness of services delivered to local communities. The project developed as a partnership between the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow City Council, West Dunbartonshire Council and Save the Children, Scotland.

The knowledge exchange activities consisted of a series of five workshops looking at how agencies and families can work together, placement exchanges between the university and local authority partners and five small scale projects conducted in local communities, which focussed on consultation with vulnerable families on how services can be improved. Also, a synthesis of existing evidence on inter-agency working was completed. In total, over 200 service providers participated in events (workshops, projects, placements) and over 100 families took part in projects.

Findings reveal that successful integrated working requires clear vision and leadership from partner agencies, commitment to make things happen, good relationships and mutual respect between services collaborating and a supportive culture of working in multi-agency teams. A shared knowledge exchange agenda is key, with flexibility in relation to different cultures of working, different languages and changing priority agendas."
01-Jan-2009 - 14-Jan-2011

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