Professor Peter McGregor

Emeritus Professor


Personal statement

I became Emeritus Professor of Economics in June 2015, and was appointed as (part-time) Director of the Fraser of Allander Institute from September 2015. In the 30 months to end May 2015 I had been the Director of the International Public Policy Institute, and prior to that had served several terms as Head of Department of Economics, Director and Research Director of the Fraser of Allander Institute (FAI).  My current research interests include the impact of fiscal autonomy on the Scottish and UK economies, and modelling energy-economy-environment interdependence, including the economic and environmental impact of renewables technologies at the regional and national levels.


Greening regional development : employment in low-carbon and renewable energy activities
Allan Grant, McGregor Peter, Swales Kim
Regional Studies Vol 51, pp. 1270-1280, (2017)
Making the case for supporting broad energy efficiency programmes : impacts on household incomes and other economic benefits
Turner Karen, Figus Gioele, McGregor Peter, Katris Antonios
23rd Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, (2017)
Workshop on Linking CGE and TIMES Models : Lessons Learned and Next Steps
Katris Antonios, Calvillo-Muñoz Christian, Figus Gioele, Riddoch Fiona, Turner Karen, McGregor Peter, Lecca Patrizio, Swales Kim
International Public Policy Institute Policy Brief, (2017)
The importance of learning for achieving the UK's targets for offshore wind
Lecca Patrizio, McGregor Peter G., Swales Kim J., Tamba Marie
Ecological Economics Vol 135, pp. 259-268, (2017)
Computable general equilibrium modelling in regional science
Allan Grant J., Lecca Patrizio, McGregor Peter G., McIntyre Stuart G., Swales J. Kim
Regional Research FrontiersAdvances in Spatial Science: The Regional Science Series, (2017)
How will Brexit affect the offshore wind industry in the UK?
Comerford D., Cui C.X., Lecca P., McGregor P., Swales K., Tamba M.
Applied Environmental Economics Conference 2017, (2017)

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Research interests

I currently have a policy-relevant research portfolio that includes grants from: the ESRC’s  ‘Future of Scotland and the UK pre- and post- referendum’ initiative; two energy-related EPSRC grants: Supergen  Wind Energy Hub and Energy Efficiency; the Scottish Government through ClimateXChange, a Centre of Expertise in Climate Change, and the Office of the Chief Economic Advisor (OCEA), which has adopted one of FAI’s economic models for policy analysis.  I have published widely in books and professional journals, including, most recently: Environment and Planning A, Journal of Regional Science,Energy and Environmental Science, Economic Modelling, Energy Policy, Marine Policy, Regional Studies and Higher Education Studies. I have held visiting academic posts in Germany, Japan, Sweden and the US and had consultancy experience in the Middle and Far East.  

Professional activities

35th International Association for Energy Economics International Conference
Briefing on likely impact of tax and public spending changes
ClimateXChange Annual Conference
2014 Annual Meeting of the Southern Regional Science Association

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The impact of non-energy policies on the energy system
Roy, Graeme (Principal Investigator) Allan, Grant (Co-investigator) Lisenkova, Katerina (Co-investigator) McGregor, Peter (Co-investigator) Turner, Karen (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Jul-2017 - 31-Dec-2018
ClimateXChange 2017/19 PDRF Economics
Allan, Grant (Principal Investigator) McGregor, Peter (Co-investigator) Turner, Karen (Co-investigator) Figus, Gioele (Researcher)
Period 10-Apr-2017 - 09-Apr-2018
ClimateXChange Post Doctoral Fellowship
Turner, Karen (Principal Investigator) Bell, Keith (Co-investigator) McGregor, Peter (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2016 - 30-Sep-2017
ClimateXChange (2016/17)
Allan, Grant (Principal Investigator) McGregor, Peter (Co-investigator) Turner, Karen (Co-investigator) Figus, Gioele (Researcher)
Period 01-Apr-2016 - 31-Mar-2017
Scottish ESRC Doctoral Training Centre DTG 2011 | Emonts-Holley, Tobias
McGregor, Peter (Principal Investigator) Swales, John (Co-investigator) Emonts-Holley, Tobias (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2012 - 27-Jul-2016
Scottish ESRC Doctoral Training Centre DTG 2011 | Ross, Andrew
McGregor, Peter (Principal Investigator) Swales, John (Co-investigator) Ross, Andrew (Research Co-investigator)
Period 01-Jan-2013 - 21-Dec-2016

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