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Personal statement

Jonathan J. D. McKendry received the M.S. degree in Electronics and Electrical engineering from the University of Glasgow, Glasgow, U.K., in 2006 and the Ph.D. degree in Physics from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, U.K., in 2011. In 2007 he joined the Institute of Photonics as a Ph.D. student where the focus of his Ph.D. was on the application of AlInGaN-based micro-LEDs for time-resolved fluorescence lifetimemeasurements and optical communications. He currently works as a Research Fellow in the Institute of Photonics, primarily on the subject of LED-based Visible Light Communications. To date, he has authored or co-authored in excess of 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and 30 conference submissions, as well as making contributions to book chapters and review articles on micro-LEDs and optical communications.


10 Gbps wavelength division multiplexing using UV-A, UV-B and UV-C micro-LEDs
Maclure Daniel M, McKendry Jonathan J D, Islim Mohamed Sufyan, Xie Enyuan, Chen Cheng, Sun Xiaobin, Liang Xudong, Huang Xiaohui, Abumarshoud Hanaa, Herrnsdorf Johannes, Gu Erdan, Haas Harald, Dawson Martin D
Photonics Research Vol 10, pp. 516-523 (2022)
A study on the optical power requirement of kilometer-range solar-blind NLOS communication links
Sun Xiaobin, McKendry Jonathan JD, Bonner Gerald M, Dawson Martin D
IEEE Photonics Conference (2021)
LED excitation of an imaging cytometer for bead-based immunoassay
Yuan Xilong, Darcie Todd, McKendry Jonathan J D, Dawson Martin D, Strain Michael J, Stewart Aitchison J
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters Vol 33, pp. 892-895 (2021)
Combining time of flight and photometric stereo imaging for 3D reconstruction of discontinuous scenes
Le Francois Emma, Griffiths Alexander D, McKendry Jonathan J D, Chen Haochang, Li David Day-Uei, Henderson Robert K, Herrnsdorf Johannes, Dawson Martin D, Strain Michael J
Optics Letters Vol 46, pp. 3612-3615 (2021)
4 Gbps wireless optical communications up to 5 m using a UV-C micro-light-emitting diode array
McKendry Jonathan JD, Xie Enyuan, Islim Mohamed Sufyan, Sun Xiaobin, MacLure Daniel, Gu Erdan, Haas Harald, Dawson Martin D
IEEE Photonics Conference (2021)
Micro-LED based optical wireless communications systems
Tian P, McKendry JJD, Herrnsdorf J, Zhu S, Gu E, Laurand N, Dawson MD
Micro LEDs, Volume 106 (2021) (2021)

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Professional activities

Micro-Light-Emitting Diode (“Micro-LED”) arrays: Overview and applications
Fraunhofer Fellow
Recent developments in gallium nitride micro-light-emitting diode structured light sources
Micro-Light-Emitting Diode (“Micro-LED”) arrays: Overview and applications
LED excitation of an on-chip imaging flow cytometer for bead-based immunoassay
Combined Time of Flight and Photometric Stereo Imaging for Surface Reconstruction

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Building Global Engagements in Research
Littlejohn, David (Principal Investigator) Anaya-Lara, Olimpo (Academic) Ault, Graham (Academic) Bennet, Derek James (Academic) Birch, David (Academic) Booth, Campbell (Academic) Burt, Graeme (Academic) Chen, Yu (Academic) Chen, Haofeng (Academic) Fedorov, Maxim (Academic) Finney, Stephen (Academic) Fletcher, Ashleigh (Academic) Gu, Erdan (Academic) Guilhabert, Benoit Jack Eloi (Academic) Hastie, Jennifer (Academic) Jaroszynski, Dino (Academic) Johnston, Andrea (Academic) Judd, Martin (Academic) Kockar, Ivana (Academic) Lamprou, Dimitrios (Academic) Laurand, Nicolas (Academic) Macdonald, Malcolm (Academic) Massoubre, David (Academic) Mathieson, Keith (Academic) McKnight, Loyd (Academic) Nordon, Alison (Academic) Norman, Patrick (Academic) Oliveira, Monica (Academic) Papoff, Francesco (Academic) Patwardhan, Siddharth (Academic) Portugues, Iliana (Academic) Scanlon, Thomas (Academic) Sefcik, Jan (Academic) Seib, Philipp (Academic) Skabara, Peter (Academic) Stack, Margaret (Academic) Stephen, Bruce (Academic) Tuttle, Tell (Academic) Ulijn, Rein (Academic) Xiao, Qing (Academic) Yan, Xiu (Academic) Zagnoni, Michele (Academic) Dawson, Martin (Co-investigator) Florence, Alastair (Co-investigator) Graham, Duncan (Co-investigator) McArthur, Stephen (Co-investigator) Reese, Jason (Co-investigator) Zhang, Yonghao (Co-investigator) Ivanistsev, Vladislav (Researcher) Jawor-Baczynska, Anna Malgorzata (Researcher) Jones, Catherine (Researcher) McGlone, Thomas (Researcher) McKendry, Jonathan (Researcher)
The EPSRC awarded the University of Strathclyde £499,040 to support activities where the main objective was to increase the level and number of sustainable global engagements between leading researchers at the University of Strathclyde and top researchers in the USA and Asia.

The research themes selected for the programme featured internationally leading groups at Strathclyde that are well supported by the EPSRC. Each theme is headed by a recognised pioneer in their field supported by a number of associated world class researchers. The five thematic areas were: Photonics, Power & Energy, Advanced Engineering; Advanced Manufacturing, and Bionanotechnology.

Strathclyde identified key international partners at various institutions in the USA and Asia with whom we wished to develop more strategic, mutually beneficial, relationships. We adopted a “best with best” approach, identifying internationally leading researchers who aligned well with several of our own EPSRC funded internationally leading experts. Existing interactions with the groups in the USA and Asia were at different stages of development so we aimed to escalate the relationship engagement levels from Tier 3 (Emergent), through Tier 2 (Developing) to Tier 1 (Strategic). The intention was to develop as many of the relationships as possible during the period of the award so that longer-term interactions could be established thereafter.
01-Jan-2012 - 31-Jan-2013

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