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Ms Joanna McPake




Transformative Pedagogies for Gaelic Revitalisation : Report to Soillse of a study of Gaelic-medium teachers' perspectives on the potential of translanguaging as a classroom pedagogy
McPake Joanna, Macdonald Ann, Wilson Mona, O'Hanlon Fiona, Andrew Mary
L’enseignement bilingue en langue minorisée : Comment penser la formation des enseignants?
McPake Joanna
L’éducation bilingue en FranceL’éducation bilingue en France, (2016)
Professional development programmes for teachers moving from majority to minoritised language medium education : lessons from a comparative study
McPake Joanna, McLeod Wilson, O'Hanlon Fiona, Fassetta Giovanna, Wilson Mona
Language Policy, pp. 1-27, (2016)
Early years immersion : learning from children's playroom experiences
Stephen Christine, McPake Joanna, Pollock Irene, McLeod Wilson
Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education Vol 4, pp. 59-85, (2016)
New technologies, old dilemmas : theoretical and practical challenges in preschool immersion playrooms
McPake Joanna, Stephen Christine
Language and Education, (2015)
Learning to work as a Gaelic-medium teacher : the role of universities in developing skills in bilingual pedagogy and professional Gaelic
Mcpake Joanna, O'Hanlon Fiona
The Multilingual University: ESRC Seminar Series (Seminar 3), (2015)

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Enacting Plurilingualism: Exploring teachers’ perspectives on the classroom realisation of languages education principles
McPake, Joanna (Principal Investigator) Huang, Ning (Principal Investigator) Birnie, Ingeborg (Principal Investigator)
The principal research questions this study sets out to answer are:
1. How do newly qualified and more established languages teachers link the principles set out in the National Framework for Languages to current and / or future classroom practices?
2. What kind of professional education do they consider most valuable in developing the competences they need to do this effectively?
Period 20-May-2018 - 19-Jul-2018
Transformative Pedagogies for Language Revitalisation
McPake, Joanna (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Apr-2016 - 28-Feb-2017
Evaluation of 0-3 Gaelic Early Years Sector
McPake, Joanna (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Apr-2014 - 28-Feb-2015
Young Children learning in Gaelic
McPake, Joanna (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Aug-2010 - 31-Oct-2011
Gaelic for teachers
McPake, Joanna (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Jan-2013 - 31-Oct-2013
E-play Young Children learning with Technology at Home
McPake, Joanna (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Apr-2009 - 30-Jun-2011

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