Dr James Minto

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Personal statement

I am a Chancellor's Fellow in the Civil & Environmental Engineering department where I work on developing low viscosity alternative grouting materials for subsurface engineering works and investigate fundamental flow processes in fractured and porous media.

One such grout we are developing utilises naturally occurring soil bacteria Sporosarcina pasteurii to produce calcium carbonate via a biochemical reaction. The process is termed microbially induced carbonate precipitation (MICP) and is an exciting and multidisciplinary field combining microbiology, geology, hydraulics and subsurface engineering with the potential, for certain applications, to replace the use of cement and chemical grouts with a less expensive, less toxic and low CO2 “bio-grout”.

Our aim is to develop the MICP process for rock fracture sealing and ground improvement then demonstrate the feasibility of the process at the large scale. Our work combines micro-scale experiments characterised by 4D X-ray CT with large scale laboratory experiments and multi-scale numerical modelling.


Flow estimation solely from image data through persistent homology analysis
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Permeability and mineralogy of the Újfalu formation, Hungary, from production tests and experimental rock characterization : implications for geothermal heat projects
Willems Cees J L, Cheng Chaojie, Watson Sean M, Minto James, Williams Aislinn, Walls David, Milsch Harald, Burnside Neil M, Westaway Rob
Energies Vol 14 (2021)
Hydraulic behaviour of fungal treated sand
Salifu Emmanuel, El Mountassir Graínne, Minto James, Tarantino Alessandro
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Romano Carla R, Garing Charlotte, Minto James M, Benson Sally M, Shipton Zoe K, Lunn Rebecca J
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control Vol 106 (2021)
Subcore scale fluid flow behavior in a sandstone with cataclastic deformation bands
Romano Carla R, Zahasky Christopher, Garing Charlotte, Minto James M, Benson Sally M, Shipton Zoe K, Lunn Rebecca J
Water Resources Research Vol 56 (2020)
Multiscale pore structure analysis of nano titanium dioxide cement mortar composite
Shafaei Davood, Yang Shangtong, Berlouis Leonard, Minto James
Materials Today Communications Vol 22 (2020)

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