Dr Paulo Hisao Moriya

Research Associate

Institute of Photonics

Personal statement

Paulo Hisao Moriya is a Research Associate at the Institute of Photonics researching and developing high performance, narrow linewidth lasers based in VECSEL technology for the UK National Quantum Technologies Hub in Sensor and Timing (Sensors and Metrology for Phase I). He got his B.Sc. (2009), M.Sc. (2012) and Ph.D. degrees (2016) in Physics from University of São Paulo (Brazil), with emphasis in Theoretical Quantum Optics (M.Sc.) and Experimental Cold Atoms and Atomic Physics (Ph.D.). He also worked at University of São Paulo as post-doctoral fellow (Apr-Oct 2016). His research interests are mainly focused in the development of portable, compact, single frequency and narrow linewidth operation of optically pumped VECSELs for cold atoms-based quantum technologies. It also includes frequency stabilisation/noise reduction techniques, stable reference cavities and instrumentation.


InGaN-diode-pumped AlGaInP VECSEL with sub-kHz linewidth at 689 nm
Moriya Paulo H, Casula Riccardo, Chappell George A, Parrotta Daniele C, Ranta Sanna, Kahle Hermann, Guina Mircea, Hastie Jennifer E
Optics Express Vol 29, pp. 3258-3268 (2021)
Sub-kHz-linewidth VECSELs for cold atom experiments
Moriya Paulo Hisao, Singh Yeshpal, Bongs Kai, Hastie Jennifer E
Optics Express Vol 28, pp. 15943-15953 (2020)
Monolithic-cavity class-A VECSEL for quantum technology
Lee Martin, Moriya Paulo H, Hastie Jennifer E
SPIE Photonics West 2022 (2022)
Optical-isolator-free, sub-kHz VECSEL system at 698 nm
Lee Martin David, Moriya PH, Hastie Jennifer
2021 Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science (2022)
AlGaInP-based VECSEL for strontium clock transitions
Moriya Paulo H, Hastie Jennifer E
SPIE Photonex and Vacuum Technologies, pp. 1181-29 (2021)
Narrow-linewidth operation of a compact diamond-cooled monolithic-cavity visible VECSEL
Lee Martin David, Moriya PH, Hastie Jennifer
De Beers Diamond Conference (2021)

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Narrow linewidth AlGaInP-based VECSELs at 689 nm and 698 nm for quantum technology systems
University of Birmingham
Visiting researcher
GaN/InGaN-diode-pumped AlGaInP-based VECSELs with high spectral purity for quantum technology systems
Invited speaker
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (Journal)
Peer reviewer
AlGaInP-based VECSEL for strontium clock transitions
Photonics Research (Journal)
Peer reviewer

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