Dr Dragos Neagu

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow

Chemical and Process Engineering

Personal statement

My vision is to establish an internationally competitive research group, focused on delivering next-generation multifunctional materials and technologies for renewable energy conversion, making a significant technological impact in areas where mankind faces global scientific challenges, by combining out of the box thinking with strong multidisciplinary, analytical skills.

I joined the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Strathclyde, as Lecturer, Chancellor’s Fellow in April 2020, bringing a wealth of multidisciplinary research experience. Prior to this, I worked as a research associate at Newcastle University on advanced materials for catalysis, chemical looping hydrogen production and membranes for carbon dioxide capture and before that at the University of St Andrews on materials for solid oxide fuel cells and electrolysis cells as well as catalysis. I hold a PhD on materials and devices for electrochemical energy conversion from the University of St Andrews, UK.

I have a strong record of introducing innovative, ground-breaking concepts in the field of advanced nanomaterials and energy conversion applications. I have 3 international patents and 25 refereed journal publications, including five in the prestigious Nature-family journals and two in Energy and Environmental Science.

I am also passionate about communicating science, mentoring, and finding new ways of visualizing and presenting data.


Has expertise in:

    I have extensive expertise in energy materials, chemical physics, solid state ionics, ceramic synthesis, processing, electrochemistry, heterogenous catalysis, membranes, as well as in the design, preparation, testing and modelling of new oxide or composite materials.

    • Materials: oxides, composites, nanoparticles, nanomaterials, perovskites, spinels, molten carbonates
    • Methods: X-ray diffraction, absorption, photoelectron spectroscopy, electron microscopy, electrochemical testing
    • Technologies: fuel cells, electrolysis cells, catalysts, membranes
    • Software: Mathematica, Origin Pro, CrystalMaker, GSAS II, CASA XPS, Blender


Emergence and future of exsolved materials
Kousi Kalliopi, Tang Chenyang, Metcalfe Ian S, Neagu Dragos
Small Vol 17 (2021)
Stability and activity controls of Cu nanoparticles for high-performance solid oxide fuel cells
Jo Seungyeon, Jeong Hyeon Gwon, Kim Yo Han, Neagu Dragos, Myung Jae-ha
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental Vol 285 (2021)
Trends and prospects of bimetallic exsolution
Tang Chenyang, Kousi Kalliopi, Neagu Dragos, Metcalfe Ian S
Chemistry - A European Journal Vol 27, pp. 6666-6675 (2021)
Alkaline modified A-site deficient perovskite catalyst surface with exsolved nanoparticles and functionality in biomass valorisation
Umar Ahmed, Neagu Dragos, Irvine John TS
Biofuel Research Journal Vol 8, pp. 1342-1350 (2021)
Revisiting the thermal and chemical expansion and stability of La0.6Sr0.4FeO3−δ
de Leeuwe Christopher, Hu Wenting, Neagu Dragos, Papaioannou Evangelos I, Pramana Stevin, Ray Brian, Evans John SO, Metcalfe Ian S
Journal of Solid State Chemistry Vol 293 (2021)
The effects of sulphur poisoning on the microstructure, composition and oxygen transport properties of perovskite membranes coated with nanoscale alumina layers
Zhang Guangru, Neagu Dragos, King Peter J, Ramadan Sami, O'Neill Anthony, Metcalfe Ian S
Journal of Membrane Science Vol 618 (2021)

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Research interests

  • Materials, methods and concepts in solid-state physical chemistry of oxide materials and nanomaterials
  • Design and preparation of new functional oxide materials and devices for various energy conversion applications, including solid oxide fuel/electrolysis cells, catalysis (oxidation reactions, hydrocarbon catalysis), redox conversion for hydrogen or syngas production
  • Electrochemistry, electrochemical devices and processes
  • Cation and oxygen nonstoichiometric perovskite oxide materials
  • Surface and bulk structure and properties of materials by diffraction, spectroscopy and electron microscopy
  • Structure-property correlations in complex systems for (electro)catalytic applications
  • Hyphenated, in situ or operando techniques for understanding structure-property-application correlations
  • Materials chemistry and engineering solutions for renewable energy and sustainability
  • Data visualization, communicating science  


Proximity engineered ion transport for sustainable energy conversion
Neagu, Dragos (Principal Investigator)
08-Jan-2021 - 07-Jan-2022

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