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Pure and Applied Chemistry


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A mechanistic investigation of the N-hydroxyphthalimide catalyzed benzylic oxidation mediated by sodium chlorite
Grunshaw Thomas, Wood Susanna H, Sproules Stephen, Parrott Andrew, Nordon Alison, Shapland Peter D P, Wheelhouse Katherine M P, Tomkinson Nicholas C O
Journal of Organic Chemistry (2024)
Application of calibration transfer for achieving flexibility in solute concentration monitoring
Chong Magdalene, Sutherland Blair, Nordon Alison
Advances in Process Analytics and Control Technologies Conference 2024 (2024)
Application of non-invasive Raman spectroscopy to metal-organic frameworks : rapid identification and monitoring growth
Chong Magdalene, Parrott Andrew, Ashworth David, Fletcher Ashleigh, Nordon Alison
Spring SciX 2024 (2024)
Integrated continuous process design for crystallisation, spherical agglomeration, and filtration of lovastatin
Brown Cameron J, McGinty John, Islam Muhammad T, Rajoub Nazer, Arjmandi-Tash Omid, Ottoboni Sara, Shahid Muhid, Urwin Stephanie J, Lee Ye Seol, Chong Magdalene W S, Papathanasiou Foteini, Prakash Aruna S, Prasad Elke, Spence Bronwyn, Sefcik Jan, Robertson John, Smith Rachel, Litster James D, Price Chris J, Nordon Alison, Adjiman Claire S, Florence Alastair J
Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation Vol 19 (2024)
Comparison of Raman and mid-infrared spectroscopy for quantification of nitric acid in PUREX-relevant mixtures
McFarlan Catriona, Nordon Alison, Sarsfield Mark, Taylor Robin, Chen Hongyan
Progress in Nuclear Energy Vol 165 (2023)
Optical screening and classification of drug-binding to proteins in human blood serum
Rutherford Samantha H, Hutchison Christopher DM, Greetham Gregory M, Parker Anthony W, Nordon Alison, Baker Matthew J, Hunt Neil T
Analytical Chemistry Vol 95, pp. 17037-17045 (2023)

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Professional Activities

Application of calibration free approaches for rapid polymorph discrimination by low frequency Raman spectroscopy
Evaluation of Raman and mid-infrared spectroscopy for quantification of nitric acid in advanced nuclear fuel reprocessing
Use of chemometric techniques to facilitate on-line monitoring of the Advanced PUREX process by Raman spectroscopy
Application of Structured Approaches to Implementation of Advanced Preprocessing Techniques
On-Line Monitoring of Nitric Acid Concentration in Advanced Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing
Temperature correction of spectra to achieve isothermal local model performance for monitoring and control of cooling crystallisation

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A Prosperity Partnership for the Design of Next-Generation Antibody Drug Bioconjugates (Next-Gen ADC)
Burley, Glenn (Principal Investigator) Jamieson, Craig (Co-investigator) Kerr, William (Co-investigator) Nordon, Alison (Co-investigator) Rattray, Zahra (Co-investigator) Tomkinson, Nick (Co-investigator)
15-Jan-2023 - 14-Jan-2028
Development & Commercialisation of the world’s first technology enabling 100% of Post Consumer recycled bottles (rPET), to be remanufactured into “as new”, PET Bottles :PET-Yield
Atkinson, Robert (Principal Investigator) Cardona Amengual, Javier (Co-investigator) Liggat, John (Co-investigator) Nordon, Alison (Co-investigator) Tachtatzis, Christos (Co-investigator) Wagner, Beverly (Co-investigator) Wilson, Juliette (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2023
Unravelling anomalous mass and heat transport in miscible liquids (New Horizons)
Cardona Amengual, Javier (Principal Investigator) Lue, Leo (Co-investigator) Nordon, Alison (Co-investigator) Tachtatzis, Christos (Co-investigator)
20-Jan-2021 - 15-Jan-2022
9 short-term industry feasibility studies for CPACT at total value of £27k
Parrott, Andrew (Principal Investigator) Littlejohn, David (Principal Investigator) Nordon, Alison (Principal Investigator)
Completed feasibility studies for CPACT in calendar year.
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2021
CAMS PDRA (CAMS Postdoc under CAMS Membership)
Nordon, Alison (Principal Investigator)
03-Jan-2020 - 02-Jan-2022
2D-IR Spectroscopy for Serum Diagnostics (with York N Hunt)
Nordon, Alison (Principal Investigator) Baker, Matthew (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 30-Jan-2023

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Professor Alison Nordon
Pure and Applied Chemistry

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