Dr Binoy Paulose Nadappuram

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Personal statement

Binoy Paulose Nadappuram is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) and Chancellor’s Fellow in the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry. His research focuses on the development of new single molecule manipulation platforms for diagnostic applications and real-time analysis of biological systems with enhanced spatio-temporal resolution.

Binoy obtained his PhD from the University of Warwick, where he developed new electrochemical methods for quantitative visualization ion fluxes at physiochemical and biological interfaces. He then moved to Imperial College London, where he was a research associate and Wellcome Trust ISSF Fellow in the Department of Chemistry. Prior to joining the University of Warwick, Binoy worked as a Research Engineer at the Centre of Innovation in Environment and Water Technology (EWT COI), Singapore.


Recent advances in single-cell subcellular sampling
Sahota Annie, Monteza Cabrejos Anthony, Kwan Zoe, Paulose Nadappuram Binoy, Ivanov Aleksandar P, Edel Joshua B
Chemical Communications (2023)
Localised solid-state nanopore fabrication via controlled breakdown using on-chip electrodes
Fried Jasper P, Swett Jacob L, Paulose Nadappuram Binoy, Fedosyuk Aleksandra, Gee Alex, Dyck Ondrej E, Yates James R, Ivanov Aleksander P, Edel Joshua B, Moi Jan A
Nano Research Vol 15, pp. 9881-9889 (2022)
Measuring conductance switching in single proteins using quantum tunneling
Tang Longhua, Yi Long, Jiang Tao, Ren Ren, Paulose Nadappuram Binoy, Zhang Bintian, Wu Jian, Liu Xu, Lindsay Stuart, Edel Joshua B, Ivanov Aleksandar P
Science Advances Vol 8 (2022)
Understanding electrical conduction and nanopore formation during controlled breakdown
Fried Jasper P, Swett Jacob L, Paulose Nadappuram Binoy, Fedosyuk Aleksandra, Sousa Pedro Miguel, Briggs Dayrl P, Ivanov Aleksandar P, Edel Joshua B, Mol Jan A, Yates James R
Small Vol 17 (2021)
In situ solid-state nanopore fabrication
Fried Jasper P, Swett Jacob L, Paulose Nadappuram Binoy, Mol Jan A, Edel Joshua B, Ivanov Aleksandar P, Yates James R
Chemical Society Reviews Vol 50, pp. 4974-4992 (2021)
Combined quantum tunnelling and dielectrophoretic trapping for molecular analysis at ultra-low analyte concentrations
Tang Longhua, Paulose Nadappuram Binoy, Cadinu Paolo, Zhao Zhiyu, Xue Liang, Yi Long, Ren Ren, Wang Jiangwei, Ivanov Aleksander P, Edel Joshua B
Nature Communications Vol 12 (2021)

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Development of a single cell biopsy platform to study dynamic transcriptional changes in cancer
Paulose Nadappuram, Binoy (Principal Investigator)
15-Jan-2023 - 14-Jan-2024
Development of Dielectrophoretic Platforms for Amplification Free Detection of Bioanalytes
Paulose Nadappuram, Binoy (Principal Investigator)
17-Jan-2022 - 16-Jan-2023
Novel dielectrophoretic devices for amplification free detection of disease biomarkers
Paulose Nadappuram, Binoy (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2024

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