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Journalism, Media and Communication

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Chamil Rathnayake's teaching and research take an interdisciplinary approach to understand new media platforms. He is particularly interested in examining the co-existence of transactive and non-transactive utterances in issue-response networks. His current research pays special attention to 'mediated publicness' enabled by social media affordances. Chamil's recent work suggested that new media affordances allow novel socialities, such as instances of 'momentary connectedness', that function as extended domains of connectivity. Chamil is a computational social science enthusiast, and his work applies methods in Social Network Analysis(SNA) and Natural Language Processing, such as centrality analysis, community detection, text mining, clustering, and topic model analysis. Chamil is a winner of the Frances Davis Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Dan Wedemeyer Award for Excellence in Teaching offered by the University of Hawaii. He served as a reviewer for several academic journals, including Convergence, Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, and the The Social Science Journal.


Emergent Twitter publics through political scandal : an example from the Covid-19 Crisis in the UK
Rathnayake Chamil, Higgins Michael, Smith Angela
Journal of Language and Politics (2022)
Do platforms favour dissidents? Characterizing political actor types based on social media uses and gratifications
Rathnayake Chamil, Winter Jenifer Sunrise
Human Systems Management Vol 40, pp. 249-263 (2021)
Repurposing sentiment analysis for social research scopes : an inquiry into emotion expression within affective publics on Twitter during the Covid-19 emergency
Rathnayake Chamil, Caliandro Alessandro
Diversity, Divergence, Dialogue - 16th International Conference, iConference 2021, Proceedings iConference 2021 Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) Vol 12645 LNCS, pp. 396-410 (2021)
A link communities analysis of the UK Instagram Covid-19 searchable metadiscourse
Rathnayake Chamil, Suthers Daniel
International Conference on System Sciences, pp. 2946-2955 (2021)
Uptake, polymorphism, and the construction of networked events on twitter
Rathnayake Chamil
Telematics and Informatics (2020)
#HimToo and the networking of misogyny in the age of #MeToo
Boyle Karen, Rathnayake Chamil
Feminist Media Studies Vol 20, pp. 1259-1277 (2020)

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Journalism, Media and Communication
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