Professor Eric Renshaw

Emeritus Professor

Mathematics and Statistics


Space-time generation of high intensity patterns using growth-interaction processes
Renshaw E, Comas C
Statistics and Computing Vol 19, pp. 423-437 (2009)
Analysis of forest thinning strategies through the development of space-time growth-interaction simulation models
Renshaw E, Comas C, Mateu J
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment Vol 23, pp. 275-288 (2009)
Spatio-temporal stochastic modelling of clostridium difficile
Starr JM, Campbell A, Renshaw E, Poxton IR, Gibson GJ
Journal of Hospital Infection Vol 71, pp. 49-56 (2009)
The evolution of a single-paired immigration death process
Gillespie CS, Renshaw E
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical Vol 41, pp. 355002-355002 (2008)
Disentangling mark/point interaction in marked-point processes
Renshaw E, Mateu J, Saura F
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis Vol 51, pp. 3123-3144 (2007)
The evolution of a batch-immigration death process subject to counts
Gillespie C, Renshaw E
Proceedings A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences Vol 461, pp. 1563-1581 (2005)

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Mathematics and Statistics
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