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Since 2002 I have been Professor of Public Health Epidemiology in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and also Head of Statistics at Health Protection Scotland (HPS).  I have a joint appointment in the two institutes where I lead a team of researchers in statistics and public health epidemiology and manage the statistical research and consultancy service at HPS.  In 2010 I was appointed as a senior research fellow with the International Prevention Research Institute, Lyon, France ( 


I am an applied statistician with interests in the application of Statistics over a wide variety of disciplines. Presently my main research interest is in statistical modelling of infectious diseases and in epidemiological studies.  This involves work on statistical methods for the analyses of linked data, mapping diseases, pharmaco-epidemiology studies, which are linked to the FARR Institute Scotland, population simulation models for infectious diseases, meta analysis and the design of disease surveillance systems. 


Effectiveness and safety of coronavirus disease 2019 vaccines
Shi Ting, Robertson Chris, Sheikh Aziz
Current opinion in pulmonary medicine (2023)
Waning of first- and second-dose ChAdOx1 and BNT162b2 COVID-19 vaccinations : a pooled target trial study of 12.9 million individuals in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
Kerr Steven, Bedston Stuart, Bradley Declan T, Joy Mark, Lowthian Emily, Mulholland Rachel M, Akbari Ashley, Hobbs FD Richard, Katikireddi Srinivasa Vittal, de Lusignan Simon, Rudan Igor, Torabi Fatemeh, Tsang Ruby SM, Lyons Ronan A, Robertson Chris, Sheikh Aziz
International Journal of Epidemiology Vol 52, pp. 22–31 (2023)
Adverse events following first and second dose COVID-19 vaccination in England, October 2020 to September 2021 : a national vaccine surveillance platform self-controlled case series study
Tsang Ruby SM, Joy Mark, Byford Rachel, Robertson Chris, Anand Sneha N, Hinton William, Mayor Nikhil, Kar Debasish, Williams John, Victor William, Akbari Ashley, Bradley Declan T, Murphy Siobhan, O’Reilly Dermot, Owen Rhiannon K, Chuter Antony, Beggs Jillian, Howsam Gary, Sheikh Aziz, Hobbs FD Richard, de Lusignan Simon
Eurosurveillance Vol 28 (2023)
Effectiveness of mRNA boosters after homologous primary series with BNT162b2 or ChAdOx1 against symptomatic infection and severe COVID-19 in Brazil and Scotland : a test-negative design case–control study
Cerqueira-Silva Thiago, Shah Syed Ahmar, Robertson Chris, Sanchez Mauro, Katikireddi Srinivasa Vittal, de Araujo Oliveira Vinicius, Paixão Enny S, Rudan Igor, Junior Juracy Bertoldo, Penna Gerson O, Pearce Neil, Werneck Guilherme Loureiro, Barreto Mauricio L, Boaventura Viviane S, Sheikh Aziz, Barral-Netto Manoel, Suthar Amitabh Bipin
PLOS Medicine Vol 20 (2023)
A population-based matched cohort study of major congenital anomalies following COVID-19 vaccination and SARS-CoV-2 infection
Calvert Clara, Carruthers Jade, Denny Cheryl, Donaghy Jack, Hopcroft Lisa E M, Hopkins Leanne, Goulding Anna, Lindsay Laura, McLaughlin Terry, Moore Emily, Taylor Bob, Loane Maria, Dolk Helen, Morris Joan, Auyeung Bonnie, Bhaskaran Krishnan, Gibbons Cheryl L, Katikireddi Srinivasa Vittal, O’Leary Maureen, McAllister David, Shi Ting, Simpson Colin R, Robertson Chris, Sheikh Aziz, Stock Sarah J, Wood Rachael
Nature Communications Vol 14 (2023)
Confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection in Scottish neonates 2020–2022 : a national, population-based cohort study
Goulding Anna, McQuaid Fiona, Lindsay Laura, Agrawal Utkarsh, Auyeung Bonnie, Calvert Clara, Carruthers Jade, Denny Cheryl, Donaghy Jack, Hillman Sam, Hopcroft Lisa, Hopkins Leanne, McCowan Colin, McLaughlin Terry, Moore Emily, Ritchie Lewis, Simpson Colin R, Taylor Bob, Fenton Lynda, Pollock Louisa, Gale Chris, Kurinczuk Jennifer J, Robertson Chris, Sheikh Aziz, Stock Sarah, Wood Rachael
Archives of Disease in Childhood Fetal and Neonatal Edition (2023)

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Professional activities

Advanced Statistical Analyses Using R
Bayesian Statistical Methods for PhD Students
Glasgow Caledonian University (External organisation)
International Prevention Research Institute (IPRI) (External organisation)
Statistical Analyses Using R
Temporal Modelling of Disease Outbreaks using State Space and Delay Differential Equations
External Examiner

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Developing capacity and capability to undertake UK-wide studies on +65M people using COVID-19 as an exemplar (COALESCE)
Robertson, Chris (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2023
Rapid Outcomes of COVid therapeutics in Eave II (ROCOVE)
Sheikh, Aziz (Principal Investigator) Kurdi, Amanj (Co-investigator) Tibble, Holly (Co-investigator) Bennie, Marion (Co-investigator) Robertson, Chris (Co-investigator)
This was an externally funded project funded by the NIHR (grant ref.NIHR135575) with a total value of £113,579.93
03-Jan-2022 - 30-Jan-2022
COVID-19: Early Assessment of COVID-19 epidemiology and Vaccine/anti-viral Effectiveness (EAVE II) - Follow On Study
Robertson, Chris (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2022
Statistical Modelling of Covid-19 data in Public Health Scotland
Robertson, Chris (Principal Investigator) Kavanagh, Kimberley (Co-investigator) Kleczkowski, Adam (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2022
Developing and validating a risk prediction model for long COVID-19
Robertson, Chris (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 28-Jan-2023
Can We Enable Harmonised, Near Real-time, Data on Pharmacovigilance Of COVID-19 Vaccines Using Routinely Collected Linked National Datasets Across The UK?
Robertson, Chris (Principal Investigator)
Covid19 HDRUK
08-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2021

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