Dr David Robertson



Personal statement

I joined the School of Psychological Sciences and Health in 2017. My research focuses on face recognition, individal differences, attention, and distractibility. I have now established the Strathclyde Applied Cognitive Psychology Lab, information on our work can be found via this web page - www.strathacpl.com 

I completed my degree in Psychology at the University of Glasgow in 2009. I gained my PhD from the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience in 2014, under the supervision of Professor Nilli Lavie (www.attention-focus.com), and funded by an MRC PhD Studentship.

I then held a post-doctoral position in Professor Mike Burton's FaceVar Lab (www.facevar.com) at the University of Aberdeen and then the University of York (2013-2017). 


Hyper-realistic face masks in a live passport-checking task
Robertson David J, Sanders Jet G, Towler Alice, Kramer Robin S S, Spowage Josh, Byrne Ailish, Burton A Mike, Jenkins Rob
Perception Vol 49, pp. 298-309 (2020)
Globalising strategies to meet global challenges : the case of ageing and dementia
Parra Mario A, Butler Stephen, McGeown William J, Brown Nicholls Louise A, Robertson David J
Journal of Global Health Vol 9 (2019)
Super-recognisers show an advantage for other race face identification
Robertson David J, Black Jennifer, Chamberlain Bethany, Megreya Ahmed M, Davis Josh P
Applied Cognitive Psychology (2019)
Face identity verification : five challenges facing practitioners
Robertson David J, Fysh Matthew C, Bindemann Markus
59 (2019)
Tired and lack focus? Insomnia increases distractibility
Miller Christopher B, Robertson David J, Johnson Keith A, Lovato Nicole, Bartlett Delwyn J, Grunstein Ronald R, Gordon Christopher J
Journal of Health Psychology (2019)
Consolidation, wider reflection, and policy : response to ‘super-recognisers: from the lab to the world and back again’
Robertson D J, Bindemann M
British Journal of Psychology (2019)

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My teaching duties extend across the BA degree and our MSc prgrammes:

Deputy Course Director - MSc in Research Methods 

Topic Leader - 4th Year Course - The Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience of Face Recognition (PCNFR) 

Topic Leader - 4th Year Course - Psychology Work Placement Class 

Topic Contributor - 3rd Year Course - Cognition

Topic Contributor - 2nd Year Course - Cognition & Neuropsychology

Undergraduate Dissertation Supervisor 

MSc Dissertation Supervisor 


Professional activities

University of Strathclyde Virtual Reality Conference
University of Strathclyde PSH/ONFIDO Partnership
Unfamiliar Face Recognition: Super-recognisers, smartphones and identity fraud
Face Recognition At It's Best 2017
Explorathon 2017: Are you a Super-Face-Recogniser?
The Value of Community in Support Students' Transitions Outside University

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Explorathon 2019: Are you a super-face-recogniser?
Robertson, David (Principal Investigator)
Public engagement workshop returned for the third year, held at the Glasgow Riverside Museum, as part of European Researchers Night
27-Jan-2019 - 28-Jan-2019
Explorathon 2018: Are You A Super-Face-Recogniser?
Robertson, David (Principal Investigator)
28-Jan-2018 - 29-Jan-2018
Explorathon 2018: Are you a super-recogniser?
Robertson, David (Principal Investigator)
Public engagement event at the Glasgow Riverside Museum as part of European Researchers Night
28-Jan-2018 - 29-Jan-2018

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