Dr Agnese Romiti



Personal statement

I joined the Department of Economics at the University of Strathclyde as a lecturer in 2018.

My research interests are in the fields of labour economics, applied econometrics, empirical microeconomics, and economics of migration.


Occupational Recognition and Immigrant Labor Market Outcomes
Brücker Herbert, Glitz Albrecht, Lerche Adrian, Romiti Agnese
The effects of immigration on household services, labour supply, and fertility
Romiti Agnese
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics Vol 80, pp. 843-869 (2018)
Single-mother families and the gender gap in children’s time investment and non-cognitive skills
Mencarini Letizia, Pasqua Silvia, Romiti Agnese
Review of Economics of the Household (2017)
Dynamic effects of co-ethnic networks on immigrants' economic success
Battisti Michele, Peri Giovanni, Romiti Agnese
NBER Working paper (2016)
Immigrants, domestic labor and women's retirement decisions
Peri Giovanni, Romiti Agnese, Rossi Mariacristina
Labour Economics Vol 36, pp. 18-34 (2015)

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