Professor Roger Sandilands

Emeritus Professor


Personal statement

I first came to Strathclyde in 1963 as a student, graduating with a First in Economics in 1967. I then studied at Simon Fraser University in Canada before obtaining a senior research post at Glasgow University's Department of Latin American Studies, 1968-70, followed by a year in Colombia where I pursued research for my PhD. In 1971 I rejoined Strathclyde in 1971 as a Lecturer and have been on the staff since then, but with lengthy interludes abroad: six years at the National University of Singapore; three further years in Latin America (on assignments to Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Peru); and shorter periods in Sweden (Lund U.), Tokyo (Sophia U.); and Beijing (Renmin U.). I was Managing Editor of the Journal of Economic Studies, 1973-82. My teaching has concentrated on international economics and monetary economics. I worked closely with the distinguished Harvard economist and New Dealer, Lauchlin Currie (1902-93), who was the top economist at the Fed, 1934-39, President Roosevelt's White House assistant for economic affairs, 1939-45, and Head of the US Foreign Economic Administration. I am his biographer (The Life and Political Economy of Lauchlin Currie, Duke University Press, 1990). In "retirement" I am working on the life of Currie's Harvard mentor, Allyn Young (1976-1929). I am also President of the Scottish League for Land Value Taxation.


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