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Dr Veronique Seidel

Senior Lecturer

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Personal statement

Dr Seidel leads the Natural Products Drug Discovery Group. She is a member and current treasurer of the Phytochemical Society of Europe.

She is a scientific adviser for the "Natural Products" and the"Food Science and Nutrition" programmes of the International Foundation for Science. She is a recipient of a"Franco-Scottish Award", a "Life Sciences Prize" and a "Parke-Davis Natural Products Chemistry Prize" delivered by the French Academy of Pharmacy.

She serves on the editorial board of Phytochemistry LettersThe Scientific World Journal, Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Journal of Pharmaceutical Microbiology, and Scientific Reports. She has been invited to peer-review research articles for more than 60 different journals in the fields of plant chemistry,phytochemical analysis, pharmacology, traditional medicines, and microbiology. 

Her expertise is in Natural Products isolation and structure elucidation using chromatography and NMR techniques. Her general interest is in the bioprospecting of natural sources for the discovery of bioactive 'hits' that could afford new drug leads. On-going projects are on the purification and identification of new antimicrobial agents from medicinal plants and products from the beehive.

She is a member of the SIPBS Athena SWAN group.


Geraniol as a novel antivirulence agent against bacillary dysentery-causing Shigella sonnei
Mirza Zainulabedeen R M H, Hasan Thaer, Seidel Veronique, Yu Jun
Virulence, (2017)
Molecular docking studies on InhA, MabA and PanK enzymes from Mycobacterium tuberculosis of ellagic acid derivatives from Ludwigia adscendens and Trewia nudiflora
Shilpi Jamil A., Ali Mohammad Tuhin, Saha Sanjib, Hasan Shihab, Gray Alexander I., Seidel Veronique
In Silico Pharmacology Vol 3, (2015)
Isolation of triterpenes from propolis (bee glue)
Kardar Muhammad N., Seidel Veronique
Bio-protocol Vol 5, (2015)
Characterisation of triterpenes and new phenolic lipids in Cameroonian propolis
Kardar M. N., Zhang T., Coxon G. D., Watson D. G., Fearnley J., Seidel V.
Phytochemistry Vol 106, pp. 156-163, (2014)
Antitubercular activity of Arctium lappa and Tussilago farfara extracts and constituents
Zhao Jinlian, Evangelopoulos Dimitrios , Bhakta Sanjib , Gray Alexander I., Seidel Veronique
Journal of Ethnopharmacology Vol 155, pp. 796-800, (2014)
Antitubercular activity of Arctium lappa and Tussilago farfara extracts and constituents
Seidel Veronique
TB Summit, (2014)

more publications


Dr Seidel teaches on the MPharm programme.

  • Teaching coordination

Class coordinator for the Management of Infection and Infectious Diseases class (MP321)

  • Undergraduate teaching

Advanced Drug Discovery (MP506)

Research Projects (MP507)

Management of Infection and Infectious Diseases class (MP321)

Being a Pharmacist 2 (MP320)

Herbal Medicines, Past, Present and Future (57102)

Research interests

  • Purification and structure elucidation of bioactive natural products
  • Ethnopharmacological investigation of traditional natural remedies
  • Bioassay-guided fractionation of natural extracts
  • Screening of natural products for antimicrobial activity

Professional activities

Universal Journal of Microbiology Research (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Biotechnology Research International (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Phytochemistry (Journal)
Peer reviewer
Scientific Reports (Journal)
Associate Editor
Phytochemistry Letters (Journal)
Associate Editor

more professional activities


New nutraceuticals from medicinal plants in the Zingiberaceae and Acanthaceae families with colon cancer chemopreventive activity.
Chawananorasest, Khanittha (Principal Investigator) Seidel, Veronique (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2013 - 30-Sep-2017
Bioactive Chemicals In African Bee Glue
Seidel, Veronique (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Aug-2012 - 31-Jul-2014
Purification and identification of natural products from Scottish plants and endophytes - a potential source of novel antimycobacterial agents
Seidel, Veronique (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2005 - 30-Nov-2008

more projects


Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
Hamnett Wing John Arbuthnott Building

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