Dr Juliane Simmchen


Pure and Applied Chemistry


Determination of the swimming mechanism of Au@TiO2 active matter and implications on active–passive interactions
Wang Linlin, Simmchen Juliane
Soft Matter Vol 19, pp. 540-549 (2023)
Beyond janus geometry : characterization of flow fields around nonspherical photocatalytic microswimmers
Heckel Sandra, Bilsing Clemens, Wittmann Martin, Gemming Thomas, Büttner Lars, Czarske Jürgen, Simmchen Juliane
Advanced Science Vol 9 (2022)
Colloidal active matter mimics the behavior of biological microorganisms-an overview
Nsamela Audrey, Garcia Zintzun Aidee Itandehui, Montenegro-Johnson Thomas D, Simmchen Juliane
Small (2022)
Hydrodynamically controlled self-organization in mixtures of active and passive colloids
Madden Ian P, Wang Linlin, Simmchen Juliane, Luijten Erik
Small Vol 18 (2022)
A platform for stop-flow gradient generation to investigate chemotaxis
Xiao Zuyao, Nsamela Audrey, Garlan Benjamin, Simmchen Juliane
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition Vol 61 (2022)
Microswimming by oxidation of dibenzylamine
Wittmann Martin, Heckel Sandra, Wurl Felix, Xiao Zuyao, Gemming Thomas, Strassner Thomas, Simmchen Juliane
Chemical Communications Vol 58, pp. 4052-4055 (2022)

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