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Mathematics and Statistics


Personal statement

I joined the faculty staff of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in 2007 and was appointed senior lecturer in Marine Resource Modelling in 2014.  I am also the departmental Director of Knowledge Exchange, responsible for helping colleagues develop KE activities such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Continuous Professional Development, and consultancy. My research involves developing computationally efficient population models of fish stocks in which physiological structure and spatial structure and combined, and I have strong track record of widely cited peer-reviewed publications (average of 24 citations per article, three papers with >100 citations). My research on spatial modelling of zooplankton, as part of the NERC MarProd programme, established a new to modelling the growth and transport by ocean currents of stage-structured populations (e.g. Speirs et al. 2006, Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 313, 173-192). With partners at Marine Scotland Science I led the development of a new size-structured multispecies model for fish communities (Speirs et al. 2010, Fish. Res. 106, 474-494), now known as FishSUMS (Fish Strathclyde University – Marine Scotland). Motivated by policy-driven concerns about the effects of multi-species fisheries, the model has been used to explore the consequences of a range of fisheries management scenarios. Over the last seven years I have been PI or Co-I in grants totalling over £1.3 million FEC. I am an editor for Ecology and the Journal of Biological Systems, and I sit on steering groups of the Strathclyde Marine Institute and the Centre for Mathematics Applied to the Life Sciences (CMALS).  I am deputy convener of the MASTS Fisheries Forum, a group that has representation from all major fisheries related institutes in Scotland, and covers diverse disciplines including biology, stock assessment, ecosystem modelling, economics, and stakeholder experience.

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Elevated fish densities extend kilometres from oil and gas platforms
Lawrence Joshua M, Speirs Douglas C, Heath Michael R, Fujii Toyonobu, Burns Finlay, Fernandes Paul G
PLOS One Vol 19 (2024)
A high-k mm-wave scattering diagnostic for measuring binormal wavenumber electron scale turbulence on MAST-U
Speirs D C, Ronald K, Phelps A D R, Vann R, Huggard P G, Wang H, Hall-Chen V H, Field A
2022 15th UK-Europe-China Workshop on Millimetre-Waves and Terahertz Technologies (UCMMT) 2022 15th UK-Europe-China Workshop on Millimetre-Waves and Tetrahertz Technologies (UCMMT) 2022 15th UK-Europe-China Workshop on Millimetre-Waves and Terahertz Technologies (UCMMT), pp. 1-2 (2022)
Synthetic shelf sediment maps for the Greenland Sea and Barents Sea
Laverick Jack H, Speirs Douglas C, Heath Mike R
Geoscience Data Journal Vol 10, pp. 220-230 (2022)
Ecosystem approach to harvesting in the Arctic : walking the tightrope between exploitation and conservation in the Barents Sea
Heath Michael R, Benkort Déborah, Brierley Andrew S, Daewel Ute, Laverick Jack H, Proud Roland, Speirs Douglas C
Ambio Vol 51, pp. 456–470 (2022)
Modelling seabed sediment physical properties and organic matter content in the Firth of Clyde
Pace Matthew C, Bailey David M, Donnan David W, Narayanaswamy Bhavani E, Smith Hazel J, Speirs Douglas C, Turrell William R, Heath Michael R
Earth System Science Data Vol 13, pp. 5847–5866 (2021)
Can a key boreal Calanus copepod species now complete its life- cycle in the Arctic? Evidence and implications for Arctic food- webs
Tarling Geraint, Freer Jennifer J, Banas Neil S, Belcher Anna, Blackwell Mayleen, Castellani Claudia, Cook Kathryn B, Cottier Finlo R, Daase Malin, Johnson Magnus L, Last Kim S, Lindeque Penelope K, Mayor Daniel J, Mitchell Elaine, Parry Helen, Speirs Douglas C, Stowasser Gabriele, Wootton Marianne
Ambio (2021)

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Professional Activities

Modelling fisheries displacement in the North Sea and its ecosystem and economic consequences
Big-picture modelling to help inform marine management trade-offs in the North Sea
5th International Zooplankton Production Symposium in Pucon
Invited speaker
University of Glasgow, DEEB seminar “Cod in a web: modelling multi-species length-structured interactions in a North Sea fish community”, 2nd December 2009.
Invited speaker
NERC of Canada (External organisation)
EUR-OCEANS (External organisation)

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Ocean-ICU Improving Carbon Understanding (OceanICU)
Speirs, Douglas (Principal Investigator) Heath, Mike (Co-investigator) Laverick, Jack (Researcher)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2027
MEESO Annual Science Meeting (ASM)
Speirs, Douglas (Principal Investigator)
06-Jan-2022 - 08-Jan-2022
Ecosystem Change, Offshore Wind, Net Gain and Seabirds (ECOWINGS)
Speirs, Douglas (Principal Investigator) Banas, Neil (Co-investigator) Heath, Mike (Co-investigator) Laverick, Jack (Researcher)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2026
Shaping ecosystem based fisheries management (SEAwise)
Heath, Mike (Principal Investigator) Speirs, Douglas (Co-investigator) Laverick, Jack (Researcher)
01-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2025
Mission Atlantic. Towards the Sustainable Development of the Atlantic Ocean
Speirs, Douglas (Principal Investigator) Heath, Mike (Co-investigator) Laverick, Jack (Researcher)
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2025
Aggregation, production and spill-over: what are the cumulative effects of manmade structures on North Sea fish?
Speirs, Douglas (Principal Investigator) Heath, Mike (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2020 - 30-Jan-2024

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Dr Douglas Speirs
Mathematics and Statistics

Email: d.c.speirs@strath.ac.uk
Tel: 548 3813