Dr Seb Sprick

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Personal statement

I obtained my PhD in 2013 from The University of Manchester under the supervision of Prof. Michael Turner working on N-heterocyclic palladium carbene catalysts for polytriarylamine synthesis. After this I moved to the University of Liverpool working with Prof. Andrew Cooper as a postdoctoral research associate on soluble conjugated microporous polymers (C-PIMs) and water splitting using conjugated microporous polymers as photocatalysts. In 2015 started my new role as a Research Lead within the group leading the photocatalysis research. In 2020 I started my independent career as a Strathclyde Chancellor’s Fellow.


Photocatalytic syngas production using conjugated organic polymers
Fu Zhiwei, Vogel Anastasia, Zwijnenburg Martijn A, Cooper Andrew I, Sprick Reiner Sebastian
Journal of Materials Chemistry A Vol 9, pp. 4291-4296 (2021)
Conjugated nanomaterials for solar fuel production
Aitchison Catherine M, Sprick Reiner Sebastian
Nanoscale Vol 13, pp. 634-646 (2021)
Nano-assemblies of a soluble conjugated organic polymer and an inorganic semiconductor for sacrificial photocatalytic hydrogen production from water
Yang Haofan, Amari Houari, Liu Lunjie, Zhao Chengxi, Gao Hui, He Ai, Browning Nigel D, Little Marc A, Sprick Reiner Sebastian, Cooper Andrew I
Nanoscale Vol 12, pp. 24488-24494 (2020)
Reprogramming bacterial protein organelles as a nanoreactor for hydrogen production
Li Tianpei, Jiang Qiuyao, Huang Jiafeng, Aitchison Catherine M, Huang Fang, Yang Mengru, Dykes Gregory F, He Hai Lun, Wang Qiang, Sprick Reiner Sebastian, Cooper Andrew I, Liu Lu Ning
Nature Communications Vol 11 (2020)
Photocatalytic hydrogen production performance of 1-D ZnO nanostructures : role of structural properties
Galdámez-Martínez A, Bai Yang, Santana G, Sprick Reiner Sebastian, Dutt A
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Vol 45, pp. 31942-31951 (2020)
Crosslinked polyimide and reduced graphene oxide composites as long cycle life positive electrode for lithium-ion cells
Gao Hui, Tian Bingbing, Yang Haofan, Neale Alex R, Little Marc A, Sprick Reiner Sebastian, Hardwick Laurence J, Cooper Andrew I
ChemSusChem Vol 13, pp. 5571-5579 (2020)

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Research interests

The main goal of our research is to use organic materials for photocatalytic applications, such as hydrogen generation from water and carbon dioxide reduction. For this we make and utilise a range of different materials, such as small oligomers, polymers, conjugated microporous polymers and conjugated organic frameworks. The modularity and structural diversity of the available building blocks allows for excellent fine tuning of the properties of these organic materials.


Development of linear polymers for photoanodic water oxidation (International Exchanges NSFC)
Sprick, Seb (Principal Investigator)
30-Jan-2021 - 29-Jan-2023
Core-shell conjugated microporous polymers for photocatalytic bacteria inactivation
Sprick, Seb (Principal Investigator)
08-Jan-2021 - 07-Jan-2022

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