Dr Robert Stewart

Knowledge Exchange Fellow

Work, Employment and Organisation


Levers for Fair Work in 1) Scotland
Stewart, Robert (Principal Investigator) Lindsay, Colin (Co-investigator) McQuarrie, Johanna (Research Co-investigator) Remnant, Jennifer (Research Co-investigator)
14-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2023
Good Work Index - Additional Analysis
Stewart, Robert (Principal Investigator) Findlay, Patricia (Co-investigator) Lindsay, Colin (Co-investigator) McIntyre, Stuart (Co-investigator)
Consultancy Project, External Terms, Split Payment
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2021
CIPD Good Work Index
Findlay, Patricia (Principal Investigator) Lindsay, Colin (Co-investigator) McIntyre, Stuart (Co-investigator) Stewart, Robert (Co-investigator)
Consultancy Project, external terms, payable on completion
15-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2021
NPI Dignity & Respect
Lindsay, Colin (Principal Investigator) Findlay, Patricia (Co-investigator) Loeffler, Elke (Co-investigator) Stewart, Robert (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 27-Jan-2020

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Work, Employment and Organisation
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