Dr Peter William Tinning

Research Associate



A simple image processing pipeline to sharpen topology maps in multi-wavelength interference microscopy
Tinning Peter W, Schniete Jana K, Scrimgeour Ross, Kölln Lisa S, Rooney Liam M, Bushell Trevor J, McConnell Gail
Optics Letters Vol 48, pp. 1092-1095 (2023)
Benchmarking thiolate driven photoswitching of cyanine dyes
Herdly Lucas, Tinning Peter W, Geiser Angéline, Taylor Holly, Gould Gwyn W, van de Linde Sebastian
Journal of Physical Chemistry B Vol 127, pp. 732-741 (2023)
Miniaturized structured illumination microscopy using two 3-axis MEMS micromirrors
Tinning Peter, Donnachie Mark, Christopher Jay, Uttamchandani Deepak, Bauer Ralf
Biomedical Optics Express Vol 13, pp. 6443-6456 (2022)
Optimizing photoswitching performance of organic dyes for SMLM through a single MEMS mirror
Tinning Peter W, Herdly Lucas, Janin Paul, Bauer Ralf, van de Linde Sebastian
Workshop on Single Molecule Spectroscopy (2022)
A photoacoustic microscopy system using MEMS and fibre tip transducers for all-optical control
Donnachie Mark, Tinning Peter W, Uttamchandani Deepak, Bauer Ralf
SPIE Photonics West 2022 (2022)
A structured illumination microscopy module using two micro-electromechanical system scanning micromirrors
Tinning Peter W, Donnachie Mark, Christopher Jay L, Uttamchandani Deepak, Bauer Ralf
SPIE Photonics West 2022 (2022)

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