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Dr Andrea Tonner



Personal statement

I joined the University in 2008 after many years as a marketing practitioner in the fast moving consumer goods and energy markets and I am currently a lecturer in marketing.

My teaching concentrates on consumer behaviour, brand management and marketing communications and I endeavour to make strong links between these key tenets of marketing theory and their applications in marketing practice.

My research is focused within consumer culture theory where I have explored issues of identity and sociality within different contexts but I have an enduring interest in food and motherhood.  Reflecting this interest I am currently co-convenor of the British Sociological Association Food Studies Group.


How can social enterprises impact health and wellbeing?
Gordon Katy, Wilson Juliette, Tonner Andrea, Shaw Eleanor
International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research Vol 24, pp. 697-713, (2018)
Consumer culture poetry : insightful data and methodological approaches
Tonner Andrea
Consumption, Markets and Culture, (2018)
The role of socially driven community food projects in a networked approach to tackling food insecurity
Gordon K., Wilson J., Tonner A., Shaw E.
British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2018, (2018)
"They were built to last" : Anti-consumption and the materiality of waste in obsolete buildings
Anderson Stephanie, Hamilton Kathy, Tonner Andrea
Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, (2018)
Death of buildings in consumer culture : natural death, architectural murder and cultural rape
Anderson Stephanie, Tonner Andrea, Hamilton Kathy
Consumption, Markets and Culture Vol 20, pp. 387-402, (2017)
'We need to survive' : Integrating social enterprises within community food initiatives
Tonner Andrea, Wilson Juliette, Gordon Katy, Shaw Eleanor
5th British Sociological Association Food and Society Conference, (2017)

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I teach across the department of marketing's undergraduate, honours and masters programmes. My teaching encompasses three broad areas of the marketing discipline.

Consumer Behaviour - I teach fundamentals of consumers as individuals including perception, motivation, learning, attitudes and identity. I also consumer special instances of consumption including mundane consumer, collecting behaviour and the behaviour of different generations.

Marketing Communications - I have a strong focus upon practitioner involvement in this subject and work closely with both marketing clients and creative agencies to develop contemporary case-studies exploring  communication planning, creativity, and evaluation.

Brand Management - I work to provide students with the most up-to- date thinking within industry and academia upon brands and brand management. I consider how brands are created and sustained and explore some key branding issue such as luxury brands and brand love. 

Research interests

I work mainly within interpretive consumer research. I am particularly interested in issues of consumer personal and social identity and explored there in different everyday material culture contexts.

MY PhD work focused upon consumers' understanding of food within their everyday lives and this most universal of consumer culture domains was employed to build identity and social relations such as family and friendship. I am also concerned with representations of food within consumer culture and have explored traditional and contemporary written forms such as cookbooks and food blogs.  I also consider issues of identity and sociality within new motherhood and particularly research how services can be transformative in this transitional lifestage.

More recently I have undertaken work considering the food producer/ consumer interface and exploring the practices involved in consumer self-provisioning and among small agricultural producers. I also consider the role of food in health and wellbeing and explore community approaches to tackling health inequalities.

Professional activities

European Researcher Night 2017
Engage with Strathclyde 2016
Vox pops of social media attitudes
European Researcher Night 2016

more professional activities


Food insecurity and the impact of interventions.
Tonner, Andrea (Principal Investigator)
As part of an overall project considering food poverty and the impact of interventions which may impact it, I am currently working on three related studies. The first examines the lived experience of food poverty and its influence on wellbeing. The second looks at social enterprises, as a particular form of intervention tackling food poverty, and examines their impact on health inequalities. The third considers farm diversification and its impact on the food supply chain. Through these projects, with colleagues, I have secured three current funded PhD studentships.
Karen Anne Scott - Food Poverty - The research is to acquire knowledge within a community setting as to how food poverty influences eudiamonic wellbeing.
Afamafume Obi - Unpacking Structural Diversification in Family Farming Businesses
Katy Gordon - Understanding the impact of Food Social Enteprises
The projects have developed strong links with Scottish Government, NHS Scotland, individual social enterprises, and key disadvantaged communities. These links are critical in driving socially relevant research and in delivering both policy and behavioural change in the sector.
Period 01-Oct-2014
Novel Consumption Practices: the sharing economy, placemaking, and mothers servicescapes
Tonner, Andrea (Principal Investigator)
I work with a range of colleagues on novel consumer practices within which I have three research studies. The first focuses on the sharing economy considering novel market practices in this domain and their disruption of theoretical, market and consumer norms. The second considers urban exploration, a subculture which consumes derelict buildings. The third considers how new mothers consume servicescapes for sociality and identity work.
With colleagues I have been successful in securing 2 funded studentships under this work stream.
With Dr K Hamilton an ESRC studentship for Stephanie Anderson's doctoral project: Footsteps into the forgotten : consuming obsolescence. Complete.
With Dr P Hewer a Stratchlyde University Student Excellence award for the project Instafame? The branding, identity and consumption of food and well-being 'Igers'
Period 01-Oct-2011
Food as a a part of health and wellbeing
Tonner, Andrea (Principal Investigator)
This stream of work emanates from my doctoral research and considers the relationships between personal identity, social interactions and marketplaces in consumer food culture
Period 01-Oct-2006
Body Image and Social Media: Research and Practice in a Changing Environment
Eckler, Petya (Principal Investigator) Tonner, Andrea (Co-investigator)
The grant provided seed money for intensifying the impact of knowledge exchange activities related to my research on body image. Awarded £3,510.
Period 01-Feb-2016 - 30-Jan-2019

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