Dr Dwight Tse



Personal statement

Dwight’s research interests include topics ranging from positive psychology and well-being science to aging and lifespan developmental psychology. Broadly defined, his work investigates the impact of flow experiences (a psychological state of intense concentration and enjoyment), meaningfulness, and prosocial acts on psychological and physical wellbeing, using diverse methods such as experience sampling studies (using smartphone app and wearables or traditional paper-and-pencil), secondary data analyses, and lab-based psychophysiological experiments. His recent work also examines age stereotypes, solitude, and ideal affect (affective states that people want to achieve).


Trauma Informed Practice in Justice Services : Barriers and Facilitators to Implementation
Cogan Nicola, Tse Dwight, Stergiou Christiana, Lawley Samantha, Finlayson Melanie, Hewitson Rhys, Black Jacqueline, MacIntyre Gillian
Insights into the accuracy of social scientists' forecasts of societal change
, Grossmann Igor, Rotella Amanda, Hutcherson Cendri A, Sharpinskyi Konstantyn, Varnum Michael EW, Achter Sebastian, Dhami Mandeep K, Guo Xinqi Evie, Kara-Yakoubian Mane, Mandel David R, Raes Louis, Tay Louis, Vie Aymeric, Wagner Lisa, Adamkovic Matus, Arami Arash, Arriaga Patrícia, Bandara Kasun, Baník Gabriel, Bartoš František, Baskin Ernest, Bergmeir Christoph, Białek Michał, Børsting Caroline K, Browne Dillon T, Caruso Eugene M, Chen Rong, Chie Bin Tzong, Chopik William J, Collins Robert N, Cong Chin Wen, Conway Lucian G, Davis Matthew, Day Martin V, Dhaliwal Nathan A, Durham Justin D, Dziekan Martyna, Elbaek Christian T, Shuman Eric, Fabrykant Marharyta, Firat Mustafa, Fong Geoffrey T, Frimer Jeremy A, Gallegos Jonathan M, Goldberg Simon B, Gollwitzer Anton, Goyal Julia, Graf-Vlachy Lorenz, Gronlund Scott D, Tse Dwight CK
Nature Human Behaviour (2023)
Implementing trauma informed practice in a stressed out system : exploring the narratives of staff working in justice settings
Cogan Nicola, Tse Dwight, Stergiou Christiana, Finlayson Melanie, Lawley Samantha, Black Jacqueline, Hewitson Rhys, MacIntyre Gillian, Aziz Suzanne
Trinity Health and Education International Research Conference 2023 (THEconf2023) (2023)
Relevant yet uncontrollable : perceived control as a mediator of cross-cultural differences in old-age preparation
Fung Helene, Fung Nicole Long Ki, Tse Dwight Cheuk Kit
Innovation in Aging Vol 6, pp. 127-127 (2022)
The challenges and opportunities for implementing trauma informed practice (TIP) in justice settings : enablers and barriers to implementation
Cogan Nicola, Tse Dwight, Stergiou Christiana, Lawley Samantha, Finlayson Melanie, Hewitson Rhys, Black Jacqueline, MacIntyre Gillian, Aziz Suzanne
NRS Mental Health Network Annual Scientific Meeting 2022 (2022)
The mediating role of loneliness on relations between face-to-face and virtual interactions and psychological well-being across age : a 21-day diary study
Tsang Vivian H L, Tse Dwight C K, Chu Li, Fung Helene H, Mai Chunyan, Zhang Hanyu
International Journal of Behavioral Development Vol 46, pp. 500-509 (2022)

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