Dr Dwight Tse



Personal statement

Dwight’s research interests include topics ranging from positive psychology and well-being science to aging and lifespan developmental psychology. Broadly defined, his work investigates the impact of flow experiences (a psychological state of intense concentration and enjoyment), meaningfulness, and prosocial acts on psychological and physical wellbeing, using diverse methods such as experience sampling studies (using smartphone app and wearables or traditional paper-and-pencil), secondary data analyses, and lab-based psychophysiological experiments. His recent work also examines age stereotypes, solitude, and ideal affect (affective states that people want to achieve).


Solitary prosociality in later life : an experience sampling study
Mann Ajit Singh, Boeder Jordan, Tse Dwight C K, Graham Laura, Nakamura Jeanne
Research on Aging (2022)
Flow experiences across adulthood : preliminary findings on the continuity hypothesis
Tse Dwight C K, Nakamura Jeanne, Csikszentmihalyi Mihaly
Journal of Happiness Studies (2022)
Action-related thoughts and beliefs regulate the effect of age stereotypes on aging preparation
Lang Frieder, Fung Helene, Tse Dwight, Kim-Knauss Yaeji
Innovation in Aging Vol 5, pp. 193-193 (2021)
Autonomy matters : experiential and individual differences in chosen and unchosen solitary activities from three experience sampling studies
Tse Dwight C K, Lay Jennifer C, Nakamura Jeanne
Social Psychological and Personality Science, pp. 1-11 (2021)
Living well by "flowing" well : the indirect effect of autotelic personality on well-being through flow experience
Tse Dwight C K, Nakamura Jeanne, Csikszentmihalyi Mihaly
Journal of Positive Psychology Vol 16, pp. 310-321 (2021)
Prosociality and hoarding amid the COVID-19 pandemic : a tale of four countries
Tse Dwight C K, Lau Vienne W, Hong Ying-yi, Bligh Michelle C, Kakarika Maria
Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology Vol 32, pp. 507-520 (2021)

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