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Dr Manuela Williams

Senior Teaching Fellow


Personal statement

I joined Strathclyde in September 2002. My research and teaching interests lie in the field of international history, and in particular the history of the Middle East (the interwar period, the history of the mandates, Arab nationalism and the emergence of nation states, pan-Arabism and post war conflicts), propaganda and political communication, twentieth century Europe (Italian Fascism and post-war European political history).

I am Associate Dean for Postgraduate Taught courses in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

I am the History Subject Leader.

I am Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

I was awarded the Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Award 2015.


Has expertise in:


    • The political history of the Middle East
    • The history of propaganda and information
    • Twentieth-century Europe

    Postgraduate supervision

    I welcome postgraduate applications in any areas of 20th Century history of the Middle East, history of propaganda and 19th and 20th century Italian history.

    I have supervised, and currently supervise

    Gianluca Fantoni, ‘Red Screens: the cinematographic and television production of the Italian Communist Party’, Ph.D. (2009-2013 - completed)

    Sharlene McLaggan, ‘“Be Like Dad Keep Mum”: The Development of Propaganda Targeting British Women from the First World War to the Second Wold War’, Ph.D.

    Ben Quail, ‘The Great Society and War: The Propaganda of Lyndon B Johnson’s Presidency’, Ph.D.

    Alessandra Magrin, ‘The Buffalo Bill Wild West tours of Italy in the 1890s and 1900s’, Ph.D.

    Grants and awards

    QAA Scotland - Student Transition (2015)

    The Carnegie Trust Research Grant (2007)

    British Academy Small Research Grant (2006)

    British Academy Small Research Grant (2003)



Between Arab nationalism and Zionism : fascist politics and propaganda in the Middle East in the 1930s
Williams Manuela
Eunomia Vol 2, pp. 85-122, (2013)
Mussolini's war of words : Italian propaganda and subversion in Egypt and Palestine, 1934-1939
Williams Manuela
Eunomia Vol 1, pp. 49-78, (2012)
Mussolini's secret war: Italian and British intelligence in the Mediterranean and Middle East
Williams M.
Intelligence and National Security Vol 22, pp. 881-904, (2007)
Mussolini's propaganda abroad
Williams M.
La questione mediorientale nelle relazioni anglo-americane, 1950-1952
Williams Manuela
Ombre di guerra freddaOmbre di guerra fredda, (1998)
'Gli Stati Uniti, la Gran Bretagna e la difesa del Medio Oriente : la Middle East Defence Organisation, 1950-1953
Maglio Manuela
Gli Stati Uniti, la Shoah e i Primi Anni di Israele (1938-1957)Gli Stati Uniti, la Shoah e i Primi Anni di Israele (1938-1957), (1995)

more publications



  • Modern Europe
  • Propaganda and War in the Twentieth Century
  • Conflict in the Middle East 1900-1973
  • Living under a Dictator: Politics and Society in Fascist Italy
  • The Scramble for the Middle East: Arab Nationalism, Zionism and European Colonial Powers, 1914-1939
  • The power of persuasion: media, propaganda and the state during 20th century conflicts


  • Nationalism and nation-states in the Arab Middle East: 1900-1945
  • Transatlantic Influences: The US and Europe after 1958 
  • Sources, Skills and Methods for Historians