Dr Calum Wilson

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences


Endothelial PAR2 activation evokes resistance artery relaxation : PAR2 regulation of resistance arteries
Zhang Xun, Lee Matthew D, Buckley Charlotte, Hollenberg Morley D, Wilson Calum, McCarron John G
Journal of Cellular Physiology (2023)
Mitochondrial ATP production is required for endothelial cell control of vascular tone
Wilson Calum, Lee Matthew D, Buckley Charlotte, Zhang Xun, McCarron John G
Function Vol 4 (2023)
Editorial : Methods and applications in vascular physiology: 2021
Brugniaux Julien V, Rodriguez-Rodriguez Rosalia, Dabiri Ali, Kılıç Kıvılcım, Wilson Calum, Goltsov Alexey, Colantuoni Antonio
Frontiers in Physiology Vol 13 (2022)
Endothelial signalling operates on a small-world, scale-free network
Lee MD, Buckley C, Wilson C, Zhang X, McCarron J
Acta Physiologica Vol 236, pp. 550-551 (2022)
William Bayliss and the enduring fascination of myogenic tone
Wilson Calum, McCarron John G, Lee Matthew D
The Journal of Physiology Vol 600, pp. 4043-4044 (2022)
Mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation fuels endothelial control of blood vessel tone
Wilson Calum, Lee Matthew D, Buckley Charlotte, Zhang Xun, McCarron John G
FASEB Journal Vol 36 (2022)

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Research interests

Research Overview:

All blood vessels in the body are lined by a single layer of cells called the endothelium. The cells that make up this layer (endothelial cells) have many important functions, such as controlling blood flow and blood clotting. These cells are the front line in cardiovascular health, and are involved in most human diseases. For example, endothelial cells allow cancer tumours to grow, and they malfunction in Alzheimer’ disease. The driving focus of my research is to define how endothelial cells work, and so identify new targets for disease treatment and prevention. Broadly, my research contributions cover the following:

1. Vascular discovery science infrastructure

I have developed an extensive portfolio of methodologies, hardware, and software to probe blood vessel function. These include novel microscopes for blood vessel imaging, open-source pressure myography, advanced calcium imaging techniques, and signal processing software.

These tools provide new ways to explore blood vessel behaviour and will accelerate the convergence of vascular discovery science and medicine.

2. Vascular discovery science

Using the above techniques, I provide new insights into blood vessel behaviour. For example, I established that the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, is a physiological regulator of blood flow. I demonstrated that mitochondria are required for endothelial function. By applying my tools to animal models of disease, my work is beginning to reveal the molecular and physiological mechanisms that give rise to vascular dysfunction.

These discoveries inform novel therapeutic strategies to treat blood vessel dysfunction in cardiovascular disease.

3. Open-source physiology

I am driven by a desire to improve research through Open Science - the free sharing of publications, datasets, and software/hardware. To promote Open Science in physiology, I developed the VasoTracker platform (www.vasotracker.com) to freely distribute open-source tools arising from my research. I also contribute to the IUPHAR/BPS Guide to Pharmacology (bit.ly/3qax6xG )

Open-source physiology will increase the accessibility, usability and reproducibility of vascular research.

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The Journal of Physiology (Journal)
Editorial board member

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A multicellular endothelial signalling web coordinates vascular function and is impaired in hypertension
McCarron, John (Principal Investigator) Buckley, Charlotte (Co-investigator) Wilson, Calum (Co-investigator)
19-Jan-2021 - 18-Jan-2026
Mitochondrial amplification of local calcium entry and vascular contraction in hypertension
McCarron, John (Principal Investigator) Buckley, Charlotte (Co-investigator) Chalmers, Susan (Co-investigator) Wilson, Calum (Co-investigator)
Mitochondrial control of voltage-dependent calcium entry in hypertension
03-Jan-2020 - 08-Jan-2024
Optical dissection of endothelial calcium signalling Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship
Wilson, Calum (Fellow)
17-Jan-2017 - 16-Jan-2021
McCarron, John (Principal Investigator) Wilson, Calum (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2017 - 03-Jan-2021
Endothelial acetylcholine release explains flow mediated dilation and is impaired in type 2 diabetes
McCarron, John (Principal Investigator) Wilson, Calum (Co-investigator)
Endothelial acetylcholine release accounts for flow-mediated dilation and is impaired in type 2 diabetes
09-Jan-2017 - 25-Jan-2020
Medical Devices Doctoral Training Centre Renewal | Wilson, Calum
Wilson, Calum (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2010 - 22-Jan-2015

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