Professor Ian Wooton


Personal statement

I am an international trade theorist, with a particular interest in trade policy and international factor movements. I have written on the welfare implications of preferential trade agreement and customs unions; the impact of international migration policies on workers; the interaction between trade and environmental policies; and the role of taxes in influencing the location of industrial activity. These interests are reflected in my teaching, where I offer classes in international trade theory, policy, and the institutions that both promote and regulate trade amongst nations. 


Market Size, Product Differentiation and Bidding for New Varieties
Wooton Ian, Ma Jie
Cross-border banking in regulated markets : is financial integration desirable?
Wooton Ian, Haufler Andreas
Effect of Brexit on Scotland
Wooton Ian
Does tax competition make mobile firms more footloose?
Ferrett Ben, Hoefele Andreas, Wooton Ian
The transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) : the devil will be in the detail
Wooton Ian
Quarterly Economic Commentary Vol 39, pp. 64-71, (2015)
Country Size and Corporate Tax Rate : Rational and Empirics
Azémar Céline, Desbordes Rodolphe, Wooton Ian

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International Trade Theory and Policy (undergraduate and postgraduate)

Game Theory and Industrial Organisation Theory (undergraduate and postgraduate)

Microeconomics (introductory and intermediate)

Research interests

He is an established authority in international economics and has published widely in the area. His research interests and publications are primarily in international trade theory and policy, including economic geography, discriminatory trading agreements and customs unions, trade and the environment, international and intersectoral factor mobility, and foreign direct investment and multinational enterprises.

His current research projects primarily focus on various aspects of international competition for foreign direct investment by multinational corporations.

Professional activities

The UK and the EU: The Next Step?
European Trade Study Group
European Trade Study Group
Conference on Economics of Global Interactions, Bari, Italy
Invited speaker
ETH Zürich
Visiting researcher
Cross-border banking in regulated markets: Is financial integration desirable?

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