Dr Junxi Wu

Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellow

Biomedical Engineering

Personal statement

My research focuses on using multi-disciplinary approaches to develop bio-artificial blood vessel, vascularised bio-artificial organ, and relevant applications in regenerative medicine including vascular reconstruction surgery, organ regeneration and innovative drug screen platform.



A fully funded PhD studentship on tissue engineering is now open to application. The dead line is 1st March 2020. More details in the following link.

Development of a vascularised bio-artificial human liver at University of Strathclyde on FindAPhD.com


Characterisation of an atherosclerotic micro-calcification model using ApoE−/− mice and PET/CT
MacAskill Mark G, McDougald Wendy, Alcaide-Corral Carlos, Newby David E, Tavares Adriana AS, Hadoke Patrick WF, Wu Junxi
IJC Heart and Vasculature Vol 31 (2020)
Dietary docosahexaenoic acid reduces oscillatory wall shear stress, atherosclerosis, and hypertension, most likely mediated via an Il-1-mediated mechanism
Alfaidi Mabruka A, Chamberlain Janet, Rothman Alexander, Crossman David, Villa-Uriol Maria-Cruz, Hadoke Patrick, Wu Junxi, Schenkel Torsten, Evans Paul C, Francis Sheila E
Journal of the American Heart Association Vol 7 (2018)
The role of androgen receptors in atherosclerosis
Takov Kaloyan, Wu Junxi, Denvir Martin A, Smith Lee B, Hadoke Patrick WF
Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology Vol 465, pp. 82-91 (2018)
Perivascular mast cells promote neointimal elastin deposit and suppress chronic vein graft restensosis in hyperlipidaemic mice : mast cells and vein graft remodelling
Wu Junxi, Lawrence Catherine, Wadsworth Roger M, Kennedy Simon
Vessel Plus Vol 1, pp. 137-144 (2017)
PET cell tracking using 18 F-FLT is not limited by local reuptake of free radiotracer
Macaskill Mark G, Tavares Adriana S, Wu Junxi, Lucatelli Christophe, Mountford Joanne C, Baker Andrew H, Newby David E, Hadoke Patrick WF
Scientific Reports Vol 7 (2017)
Sertoli cells modulate testicular vascular network development, structure, and function to influence circulating testosterone concentrations in adult male mice
Rebourcet Diane, Wu Junxi, Cruickshanks Lyndsey, Smith Sarah E, Milne Laura, Fernando Anuruddika, Wallace Robert J, Gray Calum D, Hadoke Patrick WF, Mitchell Rod T, O'Shaughnessy Peter J, Smith Lee B
Endocrinology Vol 157, pp. 2479-2488 (2016)

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Biomedical Engineering
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