Professor Qing Xiao

Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering

Personal statement

I joined the University of Strathclyde in 2007 and I’m currently a Professor in the Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering. I am committed teaching in thermodynamics, heat transfer, energy system management, marine pipeline and computational fluid dynamics.   

I have more than 25 years of research experience in the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) field with extensive experience ranging from numerical simulation of aerodynamic compressible flow to bio-mimetic and ocean renewable energy incompressible flow. My main research interests lie in the application of CFD for flow analysis of bio-inspired studies and ocean renewable energy. Some of my main research themes include the physical phenomena associated with a flapping wing and swimming fish with their applications in bioinspired under-water robots; flapping-based tidal energy device;  the offshore renewable energy devices such as tidal turbine, the fixed and floating wind turbine; wave energy converter and offshore fluid-structure interaction such as Vortex Induced Vibration.

In addition to my extensive research activities, I am currently an ITTC Ocean Engineering Committee member, Associated Editor of OMAE Journal, Editorial Board member of Ocean Engineering; a senior member of AIAA, member of OMAE.

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Design and development of modular magnetic bio-inspired autonomous underwater robot – MMBAUV
Wright Marvin, Xiao Qing, Dai Saishuai, Post Mark, Yue Hong, Sarkar Bodhi
Ocean Engineering Vol 273 (2023)
Hyperelastic modelling of elastomers for wave energy convertors
Idarraga Guillermo, Yang Liu, Abad Farhad, Huang Yang, Dai David, Xiao Qing, Lotfian Saeid, Brennan Feargal
Proceedings of the ASME 2023 42st International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering ASME 2023 42nd International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (2023)
A numerical study on an oscillating water column wave energy converter with hyper-elastic material
Li Xiang, Xiao Qing
Energies Vol 15 (2022)
Thrust and torque production of a squid-inspired swimmer with a bent nozzle for thrust vectoring
Luo Yang, Xiao Qing, Zhu Qiang, Pan Guang
Bioinspiration & Biomimetics Vol 17 (2022)
OC6 project phase III : validation of the aerodynamic loading on a wind turbine rotor undergoing large motion caused by a floating support structure
Bergua Roger, Robertson Amy, Jonkman Jason, Branlard Emmanuel, Fontanella Alessandro, Belloli Marco, Schito Paolo, Zasso Alberto, Persico Giacomo, Sanvito Andrea, Amet Ervin, Brun Cédric, Campaña-Alonso Guillén, Martín-San-Román Raquel, Cai Ruolin, Cai Jifeng, Qian Quan, Maoshi Wen, Beardsell Alec, Pirrung Georg, Ramos-García Néstor, Shi Wei, Fu Jie, Corniglion Rémi, Lovera Anaïs, Galván Josean, Nygaard Tor Anders, dos Santos Carlos Renan, Gilbert Philippe, Joulin Pierre-Antoine, Blondel Frédéric, Frickel Eelco, Chen Peng, Hu Zhiqiang, Boisard Ronan, Yilmazlar Kutay, Croce Alessandro, Harnois Violette, Zhang Lijun, Li Ye, Aristondo Ander, Alonso Iñigo Mendikoa, Mancini Simone, Boorsma Koen, Savenije Feike, Marten David, Soto-Valle Rodrigo, Schulz Christian, Netzband Stefan, Bianchini Alessandro, Papi Francesco, Cioni Stefano, Trubat Pau, Alarcon Daniel, Molins Climent, Cormier Marion, Brüker Konstantin, Lutz Thorsten, Xiao Qing, Deng Zhongsheng, Haudin Florence, Goveas Akhilesh
Wind Energy Science (2022)
Coupled CFD-MBD numerical modeling of a mechanically coupled WEC array
Li Xiang, Xiao Qing, Zhou Yang, Ning Dezhi, Incecik Atilla, Nicoll Ryan, McDonald Anthony, Campbell David
Ocean Engineering Vol 256 (2022)

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Professional activities

29th International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC)
Energies (Journal)
Guest editor
ASME 2021 International Offshore Wind Technical Conference, IOWTC2020
Taiwan Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (Publisher)
Advisory Board Member
Chinese Journal of Ship Research (Journal)
Advisory Board Member
IEEE OES Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Symposium (AUV) 2020 Symposium

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Offshore Inspection Sensor Technology Review for Modular Magnetic Bio-Inspired Autonomous Underwater Robot
Wright, Marvin Stuart (Co-investigator) Xiao, Qing (Principal Investigator)
IAA Commercialisation funding for bio-inspired underwater robot prototype.
15-Jan-2022 - 15-Jan-2023
Multiphysics Study on Flexible Material Applications in Ocean Renewable Energy
Xiao, Qing (Principal Investigator) Li, Xiang (Co-investigator) Deng, Zhongsheng (Co-investigator)
Access to Tier-2 Cirrus Service, 4.0 million CPU hours, £38,704
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2023
Strathclyde Inspired Gate 2 Award
Wright, Marvin Stuart (Principal Investigator) Xiao, Qing (Principal Investigator)
Funding Award to Support Commercialisation Opportunity
Mooring analysis and design for offshore WEC survivability and fatigue
Xiao, Qing (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2024
Bionic Adaptive Stretchable Materials for WEC (BASM-WEC)
Xiao, Qing (Principal Investigator) Bomphray, Iain (Co-investigator) Brennan, Feargal (Co-investigator) Day, Sandy (Co-investigator) Yang, Liu (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 31-Jan-2024
Flexible structure wave energy converter
Xiao, Qing (Principal Investigator) Li, Xiang (Researcher)
This project represents the first stage in the development of a new and revolutionary commercial scale Wave Energy Converter (WEC). The concept is based on a very innovative compressible rubber hydrodynamic subsystem and overlying hydraulic off take system. This project will use modelling tool to analyse a simplified model of the WEC.
15-Jan-2021 - 12-Jan-2021

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Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering
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