Professor Weijia Yuan

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Personal statement

Professor Weijia Yuan received his Bachelor degree from Tsinghua University in 2006 and his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2010. He then became both a research associate in the Engineering Department and a junior research fellow at Wolfson College, both at the University of Cambridge from 2010 to 2011. Dr Yuan joined the University of Bath as a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in 2011, where he was later promoted to Reader/Associate Professor in 2016. He joined the University of Strathclyde as a Professor in 2018.

He is now leading a research team of 15 researchers in the area applied superconductivity including energy storage, fault current limiters, machines and power transmission lines. He has been working closely with industry partners on all electric propulsion for future electric aircraft, designing a fully superconducting system for aerospace application. His work also involves renewable energy integration and power system stability using energy storage systems. 


AC loss characterization of HTS pancake and solenoid coils carrying nonsinusoidal currents
Yazdani Asrami Mohammad, Song Wenjuan, Pei Xiaoze, Zhang Min, Yuan Weijia
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity Vol 30 (2020)
Fully superconducting machine for electric aircraft propulsion : study of AC loss for HTS stator
Weng Fangjing, Zhang Min, Lan Tian, Wang Yawei, Yuan Weijia
Superconductor Science and Technology Vol 33 (2020)
Analysing faults and SFCL response in electric aircraft
Alafnan H, Zeng X, Pei X, Khedr M, Zhang M, Yuan W
Journal of Physics: Conference Series Vol 1559 (2020)
No-insulation high temperature superconductor winding technique for electrical aircraft propulsion
Wang Yawei, Weng Fangjing, Li Jianwei, Šouc Ján, Gömöry Fedor, Zou S, Zhang Min, Yuan Weijia
IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification (2020)
Electromagnetic modelling using T-A formulation for high-temperature superconductor (RE)Ba2Cu3Oxhigh field magnets
Wang Yawei, Bai Hongyu, Li Jianwei, Zhang Min, Yuan Weijia
High Voltage Vol 5, pp. 218-226 (2020)
4.6 T generated by a high temperature superconducting ring magnet
Ali Muhammad Zulfiqar, Zheng Jinxing, Huber Felix, Zhang Zhiwei, Yuan Weijia, Zhang Min
Superconductor Science and Technology Vol 33 (2020)

More publications


GKN Aerospace Studentship High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Bus Control and Protection
Yuan, Weijia (Principal Investigator) Burt, Graeme (Co-investigator)
02-Jan-2020 - 01-Jan-2023
Feasibility Analysis and Modelling of MgB2 Superconducting Electrical Power Machines
Zhang, Min (Principal Investigator) Yuan, Weijia (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2019 - 30-Jan-2020
AC losses in HTS ring magnets
Yuan, Weijia (Principal Investigator) Zhang, Min (Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 01-Jan-2020
NI HTS machine — H2020-MSCA-IF-2017
Yuan, Weijia (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 31-Jan-2020
Effective Integration of Large Scale Wind Energy using Multifunctional Superconducting Coils
Yuan, Weijia (Principal Investigator)
08-Jan-2018 - 30-Jan-2018
Advancing Renewable Energy Inegration by Innovative SMES-Battery Storage Systems
Yuan, Weijia (Principal Investigator)
08-Jan-2018 - 30-Jan-2018

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Electronic and Electrical Engineering
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