Strathclyde SportStrathclyde Sport Referral Scheme

Strathclyde Sport's Activity Referral Scheme 

What is the referral scheme?

The referral scheme provides additional support for staff and students who are looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing through activity. Once you are referred to Strathclyde Sport via your support avenue you will be contacted by the referral scheme co-ordinator. 

What do I get access to once you’ve been referred?

  • Contact with the referral scheme coordinator with check ins throughout the referral
  • Help, advice, and information on different types of activity
  • 10-week free membership to Strathclyde Sport inclusive of classes, pool etc 
  • Opportunity to meet with fitness coach for a tailored exercise programme

How will I benefit from the referral?

Activity can be a good way to improve mood, build confidence and improve sleep (among many other things). Having a activity routine can add more structure to your day and make you feel more independent. The referral scheme treats everyone as an individual and tailors all advice to you and your unique circumstances. 

Review from a previous referral :


I think that exercise is a great way to help alleviates the symptoms of mental illness with the routine it brings and the positive hormones in releases

FAQ'S section

Do I have to be based in Glasgow to receive help? No, students based anywhere can benefit from being referred. This could include additional help and advice from the coordinator but also signposting to activity events and resources.

If I am referred, do I have to use Strathclyde Sport? No, not all students choose to use our fitness facilities. We also have several activity support options for those looking to get more active outdoors, at home or in social groups. You can also receive general activity advice for day to day usage.

Once I am referred via my student support worker, how long will it be before I am contacted by the referral scheme coordinator? We aim to contact students within two weeks of receiving their details.

I’ve never been to Strathclyde Sport before; will someone show me around? Yes, you will be given a tour around the building.

I have issues with mobility, will I be able to use Strathclyde Sport? Accessibility is at the heart of Strathclyde Sport, visit our accessibility page on our website for more details.

I feel very anxious and nervous about being referred; can you give me more information regarding the appointments? The coordinator will contact you regarding a suitable time and date to arrange a meeting, they will then meet you in the foyer of Strathclyde Sport and give you more details regarding the referral. If you feel nervous or are unable to meet in person initially then an online meeting can be arranged in the first instance. Our scheme coordinator will do their utmost to put you ease and to make your experience as relaxed as possible.

Do I have to do anything to receive the referral? No, however students are expected to fill in an initial survey and a final survey once their referral has finished. Students who fill in both surveys are eligible for a two week extension to their ten week membership.

I am interested in learning more about sports club within the university, does the referral membership include a membership to the Sports Union? Your ten week membership is just to Strathclyde Sport and does not include the Sports Union however we can signpost you to the relevant team/webpages to allow you to find out more about Sports Union opportunities.