Strathclyde Sport Fitness suite

Whether you're a high performance athlete or completely new to the gym, our extensive fitness suite provides the perfect space for your workout.

Our highly trained staff are on hand to assist and provide a full range of gym services

Check out our fly-through of the Fitness Suite and Conditioning Room:


Cardiovasular kit

The main area of the gym focuses on your cardiovascular fitness with brand new state-of-the-art equipment provided mainly by Life Fitness. The list below provides an indication of the kit available although it is subject to slight change: 

Treadmill 32   Cross Trainer 8
Rower 10  Upright Bike 8
Recumbent Bike 4  Stepper 4
Watt Bike Pro  Watt Bike Trainer 8
Arm Ergometer - Sci Fit 1  SPARC 3
Octane Zero Runner  Octane Lateral X 4
Recumbent Octane  Non-motorised Treadmill 3
Spin Bikes 26  Leg Press 2
Leg Extension 1  Leg Curl
Assisted Chin and Dip 1  Fixed Pulldown
Lateral Pulldown  Chest Press 1
Shoulder Press 1  Seated Row 1
Pectoral 1  Dual Action Pulleys 6
Boxmaster 1  1-10kg Dumbbells & storage rack 2 sets 
1-20kg Dumbbells and storage rack  1 set  5-25Kg Barbells and storage rack  1 set
Benches 3    


Highlights of this vast area include:

  • Spin area that will host both instructed and virtual classes
  • Watt Bike area that will provide the opportunity for you to see your progress and the progress of others onscreen for a bit of a competitive element
  • Functional rig on which we will provide a series of instructed classes to ensure you get the full benefit of this exciting piece
  • Halo technology to allow you to connect your wearable devices and maximise the support we can offer you
  • A range of gym-based timetabled classes 

Strength & conditioning area

Our strength and conditioning area boasts a range of specialised ESP kit.

Some of these stations will be bookable by the University’s High Performance Athletes, but we will always keep stations available for you to train alongside them.

  • 10 x Weightlifting Platforms and Racks each with 1 x TRX Suspension Devices 1 x IWF-approved 15kg Female and 1 x 20kg Male Olympic Weightlifting Bars, 1 x IPF-approved Powerlifting Bar and in-excess of 320kg of Colour Coded Bumper Plates.
  • 14 adjustable benches
  • 4-60kg dumbbells
  • Jerk blocks
  • Unilateral Leg Press Machine
  • Glut-Ham Bench
  • a bespoke Medicine Ball Throws Wall
  • a two lane 15m artificial-turf prowler track for acceleration, sled and plyometric drills