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Life Fitness On Demand
A variety of exciting and motivating instructor-led workouts are available on our cardio machine screens. You can find out more information by visiting:

My Zone
What is MyZone?
MyZone is a wearable heart rate belt that tracks heart rate, calories and time exercising. MyZone converts these readings into MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) which rewards effort rather than fitness.

The Myzone heart rate belt pairs with the MyZone app which shows your real time heart rate, calories burned and intensity during your work out.

How does it work?
MyZone calculates your maximum heart rate using user information that you input into your app. MyZone then records and displays your heart rate during your workout as percentages of your maximum heart rate. The closer you are to your maximum heart rate, the harder you are working and the higher the amount of MEPs you will receive.

MyZone displays this information by highlighting which zone you are working in: Grey, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. A different number of MEP points are awarded for each minute spend in different zones.

How does this benefit me?
By training in the different colour zones, it allows you to take complete control of your workout ensuring you’re getting the best out of every session. It allows people of different fitness abilities to come together and have the same level of intensity in their workouts. You can plan workouts by time spent in each zone and try for new records with your MEP points!

You can track your progress by viewing daily, weekly and monthly MEPs total. You can also add other MyZone users via the app and can view how you compare against your friends and even instructors!

The MyZone belt also connects with third party apps and equipment such as FitBit, Garmin, Strava, Gym Equipment, Apple Health, Google Fit and many more.

Purchase your MyZone belt from our reception desk at a discounted price of £60.00 (RRP £129.99). Speak to a member of our gym team for further information. 

Watt Bike Training APP - Utilise the new top of the range Wattbikes to your best advantage through the Wattbike app available to download from iTunes store and google play. Choose from a wide range of workouts designed to push the lower body limits to the max; whether you enjoy climbs, HIIT sessions or long endurance challenges, the Wattbike app stores them all. Make your session choice and just press go! For the more serious athletes, there are various performance tests, a Grand Tour training plan and Military mode to challenge cyclists and prepare them for bigger upcoming cycling events. Keep track of your progress through the app which records your data each and every workout.

ICG Training APP

Fitness Consultation

  • Please only attend if you are free from COVID symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive within the last 14 days
  • Please arrive in time for your consultation start time
  • Instructor will meet you at the seating area at the top of the main stairs outside the Gym
  • Please come dressed in suitable clothing and footwear for exercising in

All appointments are free to members of Strathclyde Sport as well as staff and students of the University. Appointments can be booked online.

Person with their activity plan.

Events, workshops & challenges

Gym challenges, workshops and events are run periodically to give you that extra motivation you may need as they add a fun competitive element to your workout. Details are available on the events section.

Wellbeing & support

We offer a wide range of wellbeing and support services to help introduce you to exercise and a healthier lifestyle in order to improve your physical and mental health.