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Fitness Consultation

Fitness consultations are designed to help you find ways of starting to add activity into your lifestyle along with modifying other lifestyle behaviours. They are one-to-one consultations with one of our Health & Fitness Coaches who will advise you on getting started on your fitness journey and may involve some activity so you should wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

These appointments are free to all members of Strathclyde Sport and non-member Staff and Students of the University and are web bookable up to 14 days in advance.

You will receive a starter exercise programme relating to your identified goals.

Should you wish a full Personalised Exercise Plan this service is available, at an extra charge. Please discuss with one of the Health & Fitness Coaches. Please note everyone should attend a Fitness Consultation prior to attending a PEP.

Personalised Exercise Plans (PEPs)

Please note that individuals should attend a Fitness Consultation prior to embarking on a PEP.

The PEP will include 3 individual sessions over a 6 week period with a highly qualified exercise professional who will tailor a bespoke programme suitable to achieve your identified goals.

The Health & Fitness Coach will ensure that you have the confidence to complete the workouts through education and technique instruction during a personal training taster session. They will review and refresh your workouts and provide advice, support and motivation throughout.

Our goals for you during your PEP is that you refocus your goals, maximise the effectiveness of your workout, become accountable to yourself and motivated enabling you to maintain your routine and make use of the expertise and knowledge of our highly qualified team.

PEPS are bookable through the Health & Fitness Coaches after you have completed a Fitness Consultation. Charges £25.00 per block of three sessions.

Gym technology

Life Fitness On Demand
More than 400 instructor-led workouts are available on our treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and powermills. Classes vary in difficulty levels and are led by instructors from around the Globe to assist you getting results. Available in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Russian. You can find out more information by visiting:

My Zone
MyZone is a wearable heart rate belt that tracks heart rate, calories and time exercising. MyZone converts these readings into MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) and displays them as different colour zones, this rewards effort rather than fitness. The MyZone belt also connects with third party apps and equipment such as FitBit, Garmin, Strava, Gym Equipment, Apple Health, Google Fit and many more.

Purchase your MyZone belt from our reception desk at a discounted price of £30.00 (RRP £129.99). Speak to a member of our gym team for further information.

ICG Training APP - "Coach by Colour makes fitness more colorful"

The Coach By Colour power program relies on colour’s natural stimulating properties to accurately coach a user‘s effort during a workout. It elicits the right psychological and physiological responses to encourage greater effort.

WattBike Training APP - Utilise the new top of the range Wattbikes to your best advantage through the Wattbike app available to download from iTunes store and google play. Choose from a wide range of workouts designed to push the lower body limits to the max; whether you enjoy climbs, HIIT sessions or long endurance challenges, the Wattbike app stores them all. Make your session choice and just press go! For the more serious athletes, there are various performance tests, a Grand Tour training plan and Military mode to challenge cyclists and prepare them for bigger upcoming cycling events. Keep track of your progress through the app which records your data each and every workout.


Gym workshops

Barbell Basics (only available for Strathclyde Sport members)

This course coaches participants how to lift safely and effectively. The course comprises of 3 sessions, costing £15.00.

Course dates: Thursday 25th January, Thursday 1st February and Thursday 8th February Or Thursday 29th February, Thursday 7th March and Thursday 14th March.

You can book online or in person at our reception desk 14 days in advance.

Ladies Lifting

A basic introduction to weightlifting. These sessions will take you through the principles and technique of basic weightlifting moves. Based in the S&C zone of the gym, you should leave feeling more confident in your ability to weightlift and gain the benefits that weight training brings, such as increased bone density and improved metabolism. 

Weekly sessions from January to March, come to as many as you want – think of them as similar to a Gym class but on the platforms!

  • Mondays, 12.10pm-1.00pm, 22nd January to 25th March
  • Tuesdays, 4.10pm-5.00pm, 23rd January to 26th March
  • Wednesdays, 12.10pm-1.00pm, 24th January to 27th March

Book here.


Book online 14 days in advance.

Workshop nameDateTimeDescription
Life on Demand (CV machines) 23rd January; 24th January; 13th February; 14th February  12.15-12.45pm (Tuesdays)
4.15-4.45pm (Wednesdays)
Learn how to work through various fitness challenges and on demand classes to help increase your fitness level
Dumbbells 30th January (upper body); 31st January (upper body); 5th March (lower body); 6th March (lower body) 12.15-12.45pm
4.15-4.45pm (Wednesdays)
Discover how to perform functional compound moves with good technique and improve your strength
ICG 6th February; 7th February; 19th March; 20th March 12.15-12.45pm
4.15-4.45pm (Wednesdays)
Learn how to ride through varying intensities using coach by colour with our new IC7 bikes. Bike Setup, Console run through along with FTP explanation
Double Action Pulley (DAP) 27th February; 28th February; 26th March; 27th March 12.15-12.45pm
4.15-4.45pm (Wednesdays)
Discover the many multi-directional exercises you can perform to maximise your workout


Gym challenges

Every month, we invite our members to take part in our latest gym challenge.

Our gym challenges are a great way to help engage the community spirit of the gym, as well as getting to know aspects of the machines that you might not currently use.

Our January gym challenge is 'how many burpees can you do in 1 minute?' Check out the video below to see what is involved!

January 2024 gym challenge video

Weekly workout

Available on our YouTube channel and mobile app, we have a "Weekly Workout" series. 

Every week there will be a new workout added. Check out episodes here.



Wellbeing & support

We offer a wide range of wellbeing and support services to help introduce you to exercise and a healthier lifestyle in order to improve your physical and mental health.

Also check out our ExHALE page.