What's included

Deciding what to bring to university and what to leave at home can be challenging. So we have made a helpful list of things included in accommodation and what to leave at home. 

* Kettle
* Toaster
* Microwave
* Fridge/Freezer
* Cooker/Oven
* TV (TV license included)

What not to use in your bedroom:

* Electric blankets
* Kettles
* Toasters
* Fridges/freezers (unless for medical purposes – requires prior approval from Accommodation Services)
* Rice cookers

 What not to use anywhere in residences:

* Additional heaters
* Rice Cookers (purchased outside the UK)
* Deep fat fryers, chip pans
* Non-Circuit Laundry washing machines or tumble dryers
* Pellet or paintball guns
* Plastic inflatable furniture or ornaments
* Bongs, smoking pipes, shisha pipes
* Fireworks or sparklers
* Block adaptors
* Additional fridges or freezers
* Subwoofer loudspeakers
* Electric grills/hot plates
* Perfumed oil lamps/wax melt burners and Oil diffusers
* Additional sofas and mattresses
* Candles, incense sticks/cones
* E- Scooters,E-Skateboards, E-Mopeds and Hoverboards
** It should be noted that both electric mobility scooters and ‘battery’ bikes are permitted, although the batteries are not to be charged inside the residences.**