Glasgow city centre at dusk. View from the Livingstone Tower

Accommodation Private rented accommodation

Glasgow is a large city and there is lots of accommodation available. The city centre location of the University of Strathclyde makes it easy to travel to/from any part of the city.

Traditional private accommodation

There are a variety of rooms and flats available throughout the city. A good place to start looking is the Glasgow Pad website, which is run by five other universities and colleges in Glasgow. The database puts owners and students in touch with each other.

The properties are not visited or inspected by the University. The PAD website can give you help and advice about contracts, tenancy agreements, regulations etc.

The Accommodation Office also has a list of estate agents and useful websites.

If possible, you should try and spend some time in Glasgow during the summer vacation to familiarise yourself with the city outwith the campus and have a look at several properties before making a decision. If you can't do this, remember to bring enough money to pay for temporary accommodation for when you first arrive in Glasgow, while you look for somewhere to stay. Do not pay money to a landlord via the internet unless you have checked the person is registered as landlord of the property.

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Students with families

We don't have any University accommodation that's suitable for families or couples but if you're coming to study with us and you're bringing with you your family or spouse/partner, we can help you find accommodation for the duration of your studies.

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Privately run student accommodation

There are many privately run Purpose Built Student Accommodation residences in the city centre with either en-suite rooms in flats or studio accommodation. Some of these are very close to the University and some are 10-15 minutes’ walk from the campus. 

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