Amey Employer Spotlight

Amey, Civil Engineering Employer

Why does Amey Graduate Apprentices as part of their recruitment?

It is very clear that Apprenticeships make great business sense because they help Amey to:

  • train people to have the exact skills needed for our business
  • create a sustainable talent pipeline
  • attract the best new talent
  • upskill existing staff
  • improve diversity
  • raise morale and productivity
  • reduce staff turnover and recruitment cost

What are the benefits GA’s bring to your company?

Taking on apprentices does require some investment of time from people within the business to mentor them and offer support. However, this investment can undoubtedly reap rewards. Apprentices can become very skilled, capable and experienced individuals who are frequently very loyal to our business. We’ve been very fortunate to have a number of excellent apprentices who have rapidly become key members of our team and real prospects of being potential future Chartered Civil Engineers

Why Strathclyde and what makes us different?

Strathclyde University suits the needs of both the learner and the employer by delivering programmes that are carefully planned and designed. By working in collaboration with Strathclyde, Amey synchronise the GA's theoretical learning alongside the practical application which can help increase understanding and retention. Also provides greater opportunity to get a head start on development of and requirement for softer skills such as time management, communication, application of H&S etc in a real world environment.

How has Amey benefited from the work done by the GA’s?

The real benefit is that Amey have Graduate Apprentices who develop skills and knowledge that are tailored to our business needs whilst increasing productivity and improving business performance.

Would you recommend GA’s and Strathclyde to other businesses?

Hiring an GA can deliver a broad range of qualitative and quantitative benefits for Amey and indeed other businesses