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Dream projects and a degree all in one

When asked what is his greatest achievement to date, Strathclyde Business Management Graduate Apprentice Greg Tierney has no hesitation in saying it's being involved in the fast-paced project work that makes a difference to Redspire's client operations whilst also being able to study towards a degree at Strathclyde's award winning Business School.

Since joining Redspire in 2018 as a Junior Business Analyst, Greg has had the opportunity to support the organisation's vision in helping the digital transformation of financial services organisations to create business flows that don't simply improve internal operations but completely revolutionise how their customers bank, save, borrow, buy, interact and transact. Redspire focuses solely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide insights and experience for a CRM solution their customers can be fully confident in.

Greg thrives on juggling his day job of working on both client work and internal business flows which have long-term impact on organisation success whilst successfully managing his Business Management studies that allow him to apply his academic learning back into his job immediately.

Demanding but worth it

Greg describes himself as competitive, driven and reliable, which are key traits which have helped him manage a busy day job whilst completing his work based apprenticeship degree. Yet it doesn't come without its challenges. Greg openly acknowledges how demanding study and work can be. Learners are typically expected to spend between 12 to 15 hours per week studying a Graduate Apprenticeship programme with employers encouraged to provide some protected time off the job to support their learners.

Joining Redspire, being able to study at Strathclyde and gain on-the-job experience on a demanding graduate scheme has been incredible. However, it hasn't been without hard work, sacrifice and lots of focus. Despite the challenge, it has been so rewarding.

As he fast approaches the end of his second year of the Business Management programme, Greg continues to see the value that work based study brings not only personally but also professionally as his employer commends his contribution, professionalism and dedication to his role.

Learning in the workplace

At Strathclyde, we employ dedicated Work Based Learning Advisors who are a key part of our Faculty teaching teams. These individuals bring a wealth of industry experience as well as a background in work based assessment.

Like Greg, all Strathclyde Graduate Apprentices are supported throughout their studies by a Work Based Learning Advisor whom they meet regularly to monitor their progress on the programme, They support the development of their e-portfolio of evidence for use should they wish to apply for Professional Accreditation upon completion of their degree studies.

Work based learning is integrated into each Graduate Apprenticeship programme and directly contributes credits towards the degree award.

The teaching and learning at University has been very applicable to my work at Redspire. They have supported me in my studies and provide me the knowledge, opportunity and tools to help facilitate the great work the University is doing.

Together with industry

The BA(Hons) Business Management is a bespoke four-year Graduate Apprenticeship programme designed to develop Graduate Apprentices’ knowledge, skills, competencies and professional behaviours. The degree is designed in partnership with employers in different industry sectors and to meet the criteria for Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The programme enables new or existing employees to study up to degree level while spending the majority of their time in the work place. The main benefit of a Graduate Apprenticeship is that employers will develop industry-ready graduates who understand their business.

Skills for the future

Graduate Apprenticeships are an opportunity for organisations to not only broaden the talent pool by recruiting new staff into their business but also to develop existing employees.  Employers can nominate individuals who are in a suitable job role which will enable them to complete the work based learning elements of the programme.

Flexible delivery model

Strathclyde Graduate Apprentices have access to our award-winning digital platform and will access course materials via our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Myplace.

In addition, Graduate Apprentices also attend on-campus days typically one day per month for the duration of their studies. These on-campus sessions allow for the face-to-face delivery of teaching and other activities whilst also allowing Graduate Apprentices to interact with their tutors and network with their peers.

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