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The Centre for Lifelong Learning quickly adapted to the restrictions that Covid has had on our programmes, with short courses (languages, creative art, history, creative writing and more!) successfully transitioned to a live online format. We have now been able to bring some students safely back into the Centre in 2022 but you can still join live online versions of our popular campus-based classes throughout the year. Learn more.

The Centre’s Public Lecture Programme, traditionally held in a lecture theatre have also moved online, allowing many more of you to join these informative and free sessions from the comfort of your sofa. We recorded the sessions, so if you didn’t manage to reserve a place on the live talk, you can now view and listen by following the links below. We hope you enjoy!

Another Person's Poison - Professor Matt Smith. May 2020.

Food allergies are on the rise, prompting the banning of nuts and other allergenic foods in schools, airplanes and other public spaces. But have humans always been allergic to food? And if so, why? Join Professor Matthew Smith in this online lecture as he uses history to trace how food allergy has emerged as one of the most controversial health problems of today. 

Watch the recording here. 

Stand Up For Your Bones - Dr Alexandra Mavroeidi. June 2020.

Are you sitting down? Then you might want to stand up to read this. Did you know that you can simultaneously meet your physical activity recommendations, but if you remain sedentary for a significant amount of the day (eg. sitting at work, watching tv) you could still be harming your health? This seminar will be delivered by Dr Alexandra Mavroeidi a Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity for Health and will discuss the topical issue of sedentary behaviour with specific reference to bone health (osteoporosis) and tackle any misconceptions. 

Watch the recording here. 

Stand Up For Your Bones - powerpoint slides

The Changing Contours of Scotland's Constitutional Debate - Professor Sir John Curtice. September 2020.

The debate about Scotland's constitutional future seems to have gained new impetus in the wake of recent polling that suggests a majority may now be in favour of independence and that the SNP may be heading for an overall majority in next year’s Holyrood election. Prof. Curtice will examine how attitudes towards Scotland should be governed and have evolved since the independence referendum in 2014 and the subsequent ballot on Brexit in 2016, consider why independence has become a more popular option than it was six years ago, and assess whether voters feel another ballot should now take place.

Watch the recording here. 

The Changing Contours of Scotland’s Constitutional Debate - powerpoint slides

3Ls Lunchtime Online Series

The Learning in Later Life Students' Association offers a programme of free Lunchtime Talks, covering a diverse range of interesting topics. When talks are scheduled you can reserve your place by visiting our online brochure MyCLL.


In addition to the Public Lecture Programme, we also offer a free online MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) called ‘Genealogy: Researching Your Family Tree’.  This FREE 6-week online course with several start dates is suitable for beginner to intermediate level students and no previous experience is required. Visit the FutureLearn Courses website to find out more. 

Community Engagement

Are you a community group or membership organisation meeting online? We are currently offering a limited number of organisations a free live talk via Zoom. Get in touch to find out more by emailing Gemma Gilliland - gemma.gilliland@strath.ac.uk

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