Tier 4 and Student visa holders Withdraw

You have been directed to this page because an Exam Board has made the decision to withdraw you from study or you have voluntarily withdrawn from study.    The following information will help you understand the next steps in relation to your University registration and the implications on your visa.

What should I do now?

Your Student Visa

Our Visa Compliance Team will contact you to confirm that a report will be submitted to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to let them know about your academic status.  UKVI will take action to curtail (shorten) your visa - usually they will give you a new visa expiry date of 60 days after the date that the Visa Compliance Team made their report.


You must immediately cease all engagement in study, this includes attendance at classes, laboratories and tutorials.


You must immediately stop working if you are employed.

Leaving the UK

It is important that you make plans to leave the UK as soon as possible and before the end of the 60-day period. Remaining in the UK beyond this date could result in serious restrictions being placed on future visa applications to the UK.

If you are having difficulty making arrangements to leave the UK please contact visa.compliance@strath.ac.uk