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International students Note for employers

What evidence can University of Strathclyde students provide to you that shows they can work and when they can work?

If the student has a Tier 4 or Student visa, checking their BRP will show the visa work conditions.   Please note that the University cannot provide students or employers with a personalised letter confirming their right to work;  it is a statutory responsibility for you, the employer, to check that they are eligible to work. 

We would suggest that you request the following from any students you intend to employ:

  • Working During Holidays Letter
  • Student status letter
  • Confirmation of award or their final results letter - this will show that they have completed their studies
  • Their share code - students will need their BRP or passport they used to apply for their Tier 4 or Student visa to use this service

You may also wish to take advice from the Employers Helpline