Military Education Committee Roll of the Fallen

Royal Technical College and Glasgow Provincial Training College

The entries reflect those in the Rolls of Honour. There may be disparities between these and other records because of the pace of developments during the War, but the version used is that in the Rolls. Where details of rank, unit or death are missing from the Rolls, these may be added from official records. Those whose cause of death was occasioned after their War service or whose death was after the official end of the War are shown in square brackets. Those not on the Rolls or Memorial are preceded by +.


  • RTC – Royal Technical College Roll of Honour and last year in College
  • GPTC – Glasgow Provincial Training College Roll of Honour and years of training
  • GPTCWM – GPTC War Memorial, David Stow Building and year of enrolment

L.-Corpl. John Veitch, 16th Highland Light Infantry, kia 23 Nov 1916; RTC 1911