Professional Services Military Education Committee (MEC)

Military Education Committee of the University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde with Glasgow Caledonian University, the University of the West of Scotland and City of Glasgow College.


The Military Education Committee is an autonomous body which:

  • Oversees and monitors the work of the three University Service Units: the Royal Naval Unit, Officers' Training Corps and Air Squadron
  • Advises the Universities on matters relating to military education
  • Ensures that student activities within a University Service Unit are not to the detriment of academic progress and general student welfare
  • Ensures that Universities' policies and related legislation are, as far as practicable, maintained within the University Service Units
  • Encourages and promotes an interest in strategic studies within the Universities
  • Liaises with the three Services, making recommendations or advising on matters relating to the appointment of commanding officers and senior honorary posts in accordance with the arrangements established by each Service
  • Liaises with the Council of Military Education Committees
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