Strathlife Studying from home: top tips

Take a look below at our top tips for studying at home:

Many people who regularly work from home recommend getting into a routine that involves getting up at a regular time and getting dressed and ready before working or studying. Spending the day in your pyjamas may have its attractions, but many home workers report that this actually reduces your productivity!

  • if you can, clear a designated study area or desk that you only use for study
  • discuss your study needs with flatmates or family members to minimise interruptions, especially during online classes
  • check your internet connection works, especially if you’re moving from your student residence to a family home
  • if you’re using any new software have a trial run with it to make sure it works on your machine
  • make sure your device has latest updates installed and updated anti-virus
  • you can download licensed software from PEGASUS, including anti-virus and Skype for Business
  • you can also access Zoom video conferencing services
  • do any preparatory recommended reading
  • take notes as you would in a class or lecture
  • if the task is a discussion, contribute!
  • review and follow up as normal
  • use Zoom or Skype to organise chats as you would a study group
  • remember the importance of social contact, even it if is virtual!
  • your lecturers and tutors will also let you know how and when they can be contacted, so use any opportunities for group chats and meetings to check in and support each other
  • plan short breaks, for example five or ten minutes every hour of study
  • avoid marathon sessions (four hours+) of study that will be potentially less productive
  • if you’re not in self-isolation, make sure you get some fresh air every day. Some regular home workers recommend starting the day with a short walk before you settle down to work