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What is architecture?

Architecture is the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings. Architecture is all around us. All buildings, offices, shopping centres and sports stadiums have been designed for a specific purpose – and studying architecture will help you find out why.

Why study architecture?

It is of ever-increasing importance that new buildings, and the environments they form and neighbourhoods they are part of, are designed to be the best possible buildings for their specific context and for those who use them.

Architecture degrees are a highly popular and competitive choice. Studying it at university requires a particular set of skills combining both sides of the brain; creative and logical. Courses draw on elements of maths and engineering, alongside creativity and an understanding of modern technologies and cultural trends.

Studying an architecture degree is challenging but rewarding and can take between three and seven years to complete. Despite the long study time, it is positive that there’s always a need for new buildings, ensuring promising career prospects and a confident chance that you will always be in demand.

UN Sustainable Development Goals, Goal 11 is dedicated to urban settlements, with the aim to ‘Make Cities Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable.’ This means that getting the design of cities right has never been more important.

Studying architecture lets you bring your own style and creativity into your work. One of the great things about architecture is having a lifetime’s work that will remain forever and remind people of your efforts.

Our students

Kristina Enberg

Kristina Enberg

Glasgow is a very active city. I came to visit before I applied and I noticed there was a strong culture of music and art. I felt it was a good place not only for architecture but in terms of all aspects of living here.
Iga Swiercz

Iga Swiercz

I got the opportunity to be a part of an amazing project team representing Scotland at the Architecture Biennale in Venice; I met extraordinary architects from around the world and at the end I got the chance to have my research and models exhibited across the whole of Scotland in The Happenstance post- biennale exhibition.
Shawn Kay, with Architectural drawings in the background.

Shawn Kay

One of the good things about coming to Strathclyde is that when you go on your work experience it is already so familiar. Even in the first week of working in practice there are no surprises because you already learnt the design stages. The course sets you up for work experience.

Why study architecture at Strathclyde?

Studying architecture at the University of Strathclyde, you'll be learning at an award-winning academic institution - the only to have won Times Higher Education University of the Year twice!

Our close links with Glasgow’s creative design, construction and engineering industries enhance students’ career prospects by providing opportunities to network and engage with professional practitioners, researchers and clients.

We've two fully-networked design studios. One is a drop-in studio, the other is dedicated to interactive design teaching using Promethean ActivBoards. We have our own reference library, in addition to the main University Library. We also have a workshop for traditional model-making, equipped with a full range of hand and portable power tools, available under supervision.

About the Department of Architecture

Architecture is about imagination, it's about creativity and it's about solving problems...

Professor Ashraf Salama, Head of Department